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Please Pray for My Family...

This is hard for me to say....or even talk about. I really dont know how to ask or what to ask. All i know is that when Feb. 16th comes it will be over. Over with the fighting. Over with being a parent. Here it goes. My boys have been in state custody since Oct. 9th 2008 and Jan. 7th 2009. My first was taken because of abuse. I am the one who is and will ever be guilty for what i did to my son. My second son was taken because of very bad jaundace and his brother was already in state. They have been in custody over 2 years. Last court hearing on last tuesday the judge said he will Severance our rights on Feb. 16th. That is if we dont Relinquish before then...What i want to know is will everyone that meets me or read this keep us in prayer. Let God have his hands on this. Let me be okey with whatever happens to my boys and me. Let my marriage be able to survive this. Keep us in Prayers...

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I will keep you in my prayers and although I don't know exactly what's going on, God does and things will happen the way it's supposed to.

I would encourage you to go into some sincere fasting and praying. It's something that's majorly important so it's important that when you go to God you are willing to change and are willing to be obedient to him, or i'll never work out.

So whatever you decide to do pray about it and seek His guidance. :)
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I will join with others to pray for you and your family in what you all are going through.  There is forgiveness, healing, and restoration to be given/received. A sincere desire/heart is sought for that.  Thank you for sharing with us.  

Sincerely :-)))
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We got new from the ICPC it is paperwork so my cuz in Tenn. can adopt my boys. The update is that they have to take parenting classes until end of Jan. Court is in Feb. The ICPC wont be done until May....so it is it. My cuz are also talking about not adopting my boys since they been with the foster family for over 2 years. This means it is finally over...I dont see how God can make a mircle out of this...
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HI there !

Don't doubt God... I don't see how God can make a miracle out of this. Dear lady this is not the way to have mercy from God. Surrender yourself to God, trust Him. Go into praying and fasting, just seek His shelter, have faith in Him. And remember He loves you more than you love your sons. Just feel how it is when some one loves you more than you do your sons. pray, pray and pray, day and night stay in prayers and repent, don't let sleep come into your eyes, and for sure you would have an answer. Scripture tells us He makes some corrections to our lives and by these hardships He leads us to recognize Him, and we let God come into our lives. You are not alone He is watching you, He is with you Just call upon Him, just look at Him like a daughter of Him. Believe Him, He is your loving Father.

I know a lady, her daughter had cancer; the doctor told her that she is not going to stay for more than 60 days with you as cancer had extended to lungs. She surrendered herself to God. Did not believe the reports. don't look at the circumstances, the court Just look at Him. You would see His glory, His mercy and one day like this very lady you would tell out how God get you out of the ordeal. But the only term and condition is just TRUST HIM.  
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Things don't always come in the form of miracles and god doesn't intervene. God may give you a moment of choice a moment to make a decision that would and could help you. Prayer is really just asking for assistance life is a journey if god does all the work it wouldn't be.  I cannot not condemn nor forgive those who would abuse others in any form. What I will pray is for your children to find a good loving home. For you to find hope and make improvements to yourself and your life. As far as your uncle if he feels he could not provide what is needed for your boys then its for the best. If hes doing it for selfish reasons then shame but you must not lose hope can you not improve yourself and get them back can you not still be in there life? Have hope for anything, just hope for something.

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don't see the one that has opened for us.” -Helen Keller

What I'm saying may be harsh or unfair i truly dont know the whole story but my prayer does not ask for them to come back to you if your home is a good place for them then i pray they go there. So I give you this quote people often feel tied down by there kids so if your relationship is no good end it find a better one. If you want to try your hand at school once more then go and puch for a new chance.

I hope the best for all of you and these prayers aid you and your boys
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Commit yourself to pray, out loud, for love... for your sons and for yourself.  If you abused chances are pretty darned good you learned it by being on the receiving end of abuse as a child.  

God forgives us as we forgive others.  Pray for the will to forgive your abusers and that your sons will forgive you.  Make a habit of assuring God that you know He makes the best decisions and resolve to accept whatever happens as His all-knowing right decision.

You've got to be willing to experience peace for peace to come.  acceptance is
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