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Thank you Mother Earth

Being thankful is something that should be part of every day.  

We are thankful to the East because everyone feels good in the morning when they awake, and sees the bright light coming from the East; and when the Sun goes down in the West we feel good and glad we are well; then we are thankful to the West. And we are thankful to the North, because when the cold winds come we are glad to have lived to see the leaves fall again; and to the South, for when the south wind blows and everything is coming up in the spring, we are glad to live to see the grass growing and everything green again. We thank the Thunders, for they are the manitous that bring the rain, which the Creator has given them power to rule over. And we thank our mother, the Earth, whom we claim as mother because the Earth carries us and everything we need.

Charley Elkhair, Religion and Ceremonies of the Lenape, Indian Notes and Monographs, Museum of the American Indian,
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Thankful attitude does bring peace of mind. One remains centered if he is thankful for everything good or bad.Thankfulness is the best way to be worry free..Thanks for sharing a good article.
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You're welcome.  I agree that thankfulness adds to peace and peace is the greatest gift!
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Being thankful.... It's something that I struggled with.  Depression stood directly in the way.
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