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What is that inner voice we have?

For my whole life, I have an inner voice.  Do we all?  It speaks to me calmingly, it warns me at the right time, it centers me.  Is it my own soul talking to me?  Deep question---  but wondering others thoughts on this.  
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Good question!  I'm stuck between 2 beliefs but either almost mirrors the other.  I think that voice is either out intuition or our ego.  I lean towards intuition and for a long time I was not so in tune with mine.  These days I try to focus on it a bit more and enjoy the accuracy of it.

It works in a couple of different ways for me.  Every once in a while a completely random thought will pop in my head, like "I haven't seen Steve in a while."  20 minutes later I run into him.  Sometimes if given a choice of two things it clearly points towards one.  

Sometimes I'll want to do something and it will talk me out of it.

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