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Why is almost no one interested in spiritual matters?

It seems that if you are sick or in pain you would be interested in spiritual information and discussion but no one is. Why is that? Of course if you are not interested you would not come here or post and if you are you would already be posting here so i guess i am talking to myself?
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Dazon 50 had started this group. when she left, there was no manager.  I had posted number of messages and articles. Then got busy with other groups. I am interested in yoga which eventually leads to spirituality. Yoga culminates into meditation and meditation leads to spirituality.  
In fact one Budha monk used to sit facing a wall and will give a lecture. He used to do this to emphasize that one should listen to hear.I learned to read spirituality form a controversial spiritual teacher known as osho. I read him for 8 years.He has talked on all religions from his point of view. It is so interesting that I read his books(recorded lectures). There must be 400 books.
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Hello Dalubaba and thanks for reply. Perhaps if we find and re-post some of the inspiring replies and other posts and also some of our own thoughts et/c. we can re-kindle interest in the spiritual. I think people who are sick or in pain or both are likely to be interested in spiritual matters so if we help each other to do that it will make a new start to what dazon 50 began.
     I was just reading about Gandhi in the National Geographic and he is such an inspiration to begin at the personal and then village level to make change. And spiritual action is what is needed and fast or our environment will degrade and we will all suffer consequences of filthy air and water and food.
    Any thoughts on how we make the change. so many like Osho and Gandhi and Amma and others have tried so now how do we carry on what they have begun?
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Yes and i wish osho was still alive and teaching! Kind of like he is with all the stuff on you tube. How is your meditation and practice doing these days Dalubaba?
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Hi savethisearth.  I just wanted to say hello and welcome to med help.  

I'm also interested in jump starting this group.  There are all sorts of definitions of spirituality and I'd like to explore what it means to different people and how we can all learn from one another!
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