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a lot of times i would ask myself if there really is a god, even though i kno he is there.  theres times where i think he left me or is punishing me because of wat i done cuz i cant understand y certain things happen and why to me??  i dont know sometimes i feel confused, why do ba things happen to us sometimes?
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I'm sure of what to vote on. Will you let me know?

I can't understand why things happen to me.  Why do bad things happen?

These two sentences have a way of getting my head into trouble.  For me, it has to do with perspective.  Things happen.  I don't know why.  My brain doesn't work well enough for me too understand it all.  I try to not look at it as things happening to me.  When I take things too personally I find it more difficult to have a positive attitude.  I waste too much energy trying to overcome the feeling brought on by my own thinking.

As far as "bad" things.  This to me is just more perspective stuff.  Things that don't go my way or things that I think are wrong often seem bad.  When I am truly able to put faith in God, I tend to understand these as God's will.  I don't understand why he does what He does I just try to accept it as best I can and deal with things appropriatly.  I believe God wants us to be happy.  This can be accomplished by facing the challenges He puts before us and putting our faith in Him.

When I take an honest look at myself I can see the things in me that cause me to be unhappy.  I pray for these things to be removed so I can be filled with more positve ways.

I hope this makes sense.  I often find it difficult to explain.  Take care!!!
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ooops!  Meant to say I'm not sure of what to vote on.  Thanks!!
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Have you asked yourself why good things happen to people also?  I think for most people it is that control factor.  Of course no one will plead to god or question him when good things happen.  However, it is when things we don't like or understand happens we begin calling out.  Everyone wants to feel in control of their lives and what happens to them and when or how.  The feeling of having no control over something that is or may be adverse to you scares most and angers many.  You have absolutely no control over your life as far as the "big picture". Sure, you can choose the small things, like whether to go to a school or college or just run out to the grocery store.  What awaits you out there is unknown.  The spinning karma that has already been set in motion (Gods plan).  The guy that runs out for a gallon of milk and is killed by a drunk driver, or possibly this same guy that goes to leave and is stopped by his child for a split second for a kiss and that split second saves him from that fatal crash!  Who is to know?  I would suggest that you count up your blessings and count up your "bad things" and compare them.  I am certain that you have much more to list in the good than the bad!
Best of Life!
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why do bad things happen to us?

What answer can truly be given. I agree with the above statement that we desire to have complete control over our lives.

Bad things happen because they do. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I dont think there is a "plan" its just the combination of events coming together that moment. Like stated we don't question the good things when they happen. Good things dont always come to good people and bad things dont always come to bad people. Life is just dark like this. We are all seeking destruction weather we realize it or not. We seek to destroy because in the current state of things we must destroy something to create something else. Lets say you got that promotion you've always wanted but in turn they fired the last person in that position. For you this event is a good one your going to get more power, money, walfare its what youve been wanting. But the other person is now job less and life is coming undone.

To create more "happiness" for you something else had to be destroyed. This happens all around us and we just dont see it. Another example you buy a chicken from the store and this chicken feeds your family this brings happiness but destroyed the chicken and in turn took its happiness away. We could argue that animals are simple  and dont have emotions but then we forget WE ARE ANIMALS.

Why does god allow the bad?

A question I think we all ask and ill give you my answer.
God is beyond our understanding and is beyond the idea of good and evil. If anything these are just pieces, very small pieces of god. God gave us life and gave us the power to create utopia it is us who decide we would rather have hell. (i believe we create hell on earth and when we die we simple return to the source and from there it doesn't really matter. Maybe we come back, maybe theres a spirit world or maybe we just become one with the source. our soul is a piece of the source in my opinion and its what returns)

So ultimately we do have some control you can decide weather to hurt some one or not. You can decide to do "good". You can try to lead to a utopia. But saddly we have created hell and its rather hard to climb back out.
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From what I've seen, the bad stuff happens to bring us closer to God... really!  

I once prayed, "God, why has my life been so ######?" and the instant reply in my head was, "Because YOU would never come to me otherwise"  It only took a few moments' reflection to realize it was the truth... when things are going along well I'm too full of myself to make time for God.  

But that's just me.

I once heard a "Christian" derisively refer to "foxhole prayers" with a snooty sniff.  Well, I guess some of us have to have our lives on the line to see the Truth.

Thinking about things that are happening (or that have happened) over which I have no control, don't want to try to control, or failed to control, nearly drove me to suicide.  Giving those things to God, accepting Jesus, finding Christian fellowship, and doing it over and over again, not only keep me alive but make life have meaning.
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hey thanks all these things make sense.  i do believe n god and i do kno that everything happends becaue of him, i wasw just wondering.  i went through some hardships last year and i realized now that those things all hapened because of the choices i made.  even though i stepped out of the path god had for me and choose my own, he still never left me.  he helped me through the hardships i encountered and when he decided i was ready and had enough, he found me a way out.  i wasw icredible because from the time he helped me get out i have been nothing but thankfull and been praying and relaying on him everyday and since than, which was july 1st, wen i got out my bad situation, things been nothing but going good.  i kno that is all because i seek his counsel and guidance in everything i do and follow his direction.  

god bless every one and i hope every one turns to him to experience his grace
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Just wanted to comment on your question because I've asked myself the same thing so many times.  I try to do what is right, I try to be kind to others, I pray as often as I can (and sometimes when I can't) and I seek God's counsel in all that I do.  However, understanding that God has a bigger plan for us is really important.  His ways are not our ways.  What he does sometimes makes absolutely no sense ... but it does to Him.  And that's all that matters.  

Maybe understanding and shifting the way you see things might help.  If you look at the big picture and understand that everything that happens in your life is a part of a grand plan made just for you, it might help to get through the challenging times in life.  It's not really about what you did in your past or what you didn't do, it's about having a loving and forgiving God who has a plan that was designed just for you.  It may not make sense to us, because when we go from a-b-c-d-e, He may go from a-c-g-k-w.  But knowing and trusting and having the faith that it takes to roll with it will take you through.

God Bless You Always!!!
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Further reflection on the hell I've been through in the last 27 years, along with a real effort to know God's Word, has brought me to the realization of something most modern Christians souls would prefer isn't true... God is jealous of who and what you worship, as evidenced by where you spend your time and your money.  He's first.  And when He's not first in my life He's wrathful!  My life is all the proof I need.  

Our modern religious rhetoric redefines "fear" as "reverence".  We're comfortable with an image of God as namby-pamby, wanting His children to be happy... Then we complain bitterly when we go our own way and He doesn't bless us.  Where in that are we considering that behind the Biblical words, "Work out your salvation with fear" are the words, "and trembling"?  What part about trembling do we refuse to comprehend?  

I'm more than willing to tremble and toe the line because, while submission is no fun (and certainly not the attitude my flesh and my wordly education encourage me to accept), the benefits I'm realizing from getting back on track, humbling myself before an all-powerful God, and leaning on His will are so beautiful and such a relief from the pain I experienced when I tried to do it my way, that I'm thankful for the rough time He have me to bring me to this point of recognizing the value of His grace and being in fellowship with Jesus.  Basically, God let me beat myself up so I could appreciate Him more!
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I feel that bad things happen to us to make us stronger,and wiser.I look back on my life and I wouldn't trade one bit of it for nothing in this world.I have had alot of bad luck in my life,and I wouldn't be the survivor I am today
Imagine if we all recieved everything we ever wanted.would we even want it anymore?The chase is what helps us find ourselves in everyway shape and form.You see so when something bad happens to you,and then somehow
You make it through you just made yourself stronger.Remember where there is a will there's a way.God bless
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