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Stem cell transplant

Well, it looks like I will be off to Houston in about 2 weeks for my BIG procedure. I wanted to post what the doc sent me regarding the procedure to gain any insight you all want to give me on the 5 different chemo drugs to be administered.
1- Inpatient cycle of standard-dose chemo (ifosfamide/etoposide), to mobilize your stem cells (approx 5 days in the hospital)
2- Following this first discharge, you'll have to stay in Houston. We'll see you daily in our clinic (Fast Track) until we proceed with the collection of the stem cells (apheresis) (approx 10 days later).
3- Following completion of apheresis we can give you the first dose of Avastin, outpatient,
4- You can then go back home x 2 weeks.
5- Admission for the high-dose treatment. Hospital stay of approx 3 wks. First week: high-dose chemotherapy (Avastin/gemcitabine/taxotere/melphalan/carboplatin), followed by infusion of the cells. Second week: low counts. Third week: recovery.
6- Following discharge, 1-2 more weeks as an outpatient coming to our Fast Track clinic,
7- Discharge home.

2)  The high dose is only given once.

3) You should be able to return to work around 3 months after the high-dose treatment.

Do you all have any tips or advice to give me? Anything helps! For your information, gemcitabine is Gemzar. I'm getting pretty nervous but feeling VERY confident that this will be the answer to my cancer. I hope you all are enjoying the first month of spring. With love, Deandra
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Well mate, that sure is one potent mixture. :-).... but you are a tough cookie, :-)  and have youth on side, so you'll be right, I'm sure. I'll be hoping and praying for a cure for you Deandra. That would be just so wonderful. You will have lots of support.... in spirit anyhow, as we will all be waiting to hear the grand news.
Best wishes and lots of happy hugs from DownUnder...love..Helen...
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Hi Deandra,

Wow, it sounds like they are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at this demon.  Sounds tough, but encouraging.  I don't have too much advice...except for this.  I know that when things and treatments got tough on Ashley, and she wished she could just quit and give in, she would raise her head high and push through it.  She was able to do this by thinking to herself that okay this really s*cks, I feel terrible, but if I push through this now and deal with this now, I will never have to deal with this again and I can get on with my life.  So fight the good fight, battle to the end, and we will all be waiting when it's done to rejoice with you as victor over this beast.  I pray this is your magic bullet that ends the nightmare.  

Take Care and God Bless,
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wow you have a hard fight ahead of you. I must tell you, I admire your strength, and wish you the best of luck with the road ahead. I don't know you, but for on this board, but I sense you are one strong young lady. I will keep you  in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to hear good news following your fight.
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Just as I told you about my Aunt who had the stem cell procedure...you have to keep up your immune system as best as you can,,,avoid anyone who is sick and limit your visitors...she had the procedure in December and she is almost where she should be..she handled it well AND SO WILL YOU!!! She does wear a mask whenever she was around people and has limited her contacts...Take your computer, alot of books, make sure Luke gives you plenty of foot massages LOL and just take this time to focus on YOU!!! Listen when this is all over I want to see the Wedding Plans Take up all your time and Attention,,,,CALL ME ANYTIME from Houston ....I am around and will love to hear from you!!! I wish I could be there physically but know that I am by your side all the way...I have grown to admire and love the woman than you are...I just cant wait till this is over for you!!! You Stay Strong and know that you can Count on me anytime....Love ya, Gia :)
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I just wanted to wish you luck.  It sounds like this treatment is going to be tough, but I know you can do it!  Hang in there and please keep us up to date when you can.  
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I'm not sure what to say. I want to reach out and give you a giant hug but my arms aren't long enough. Just know that we are all here for you, your personal cheerleading squad (possibly the biggest one in the nation). So you keep fighting the good fight or we'll bop you with our pom-poms. xoxo
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Sounds like they really want to attack this demon.  Keeping everything crossed that you will have positive results....thanks again for being a pioneer and trying something that might hold the key to all furture treatment.  You are a hero!!!!

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I wanted to wish you luck and to send your way all the positive strengths, attitude, and thoughts possible.  You are a tower of strength, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,
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I don't have any advice or such, and I really don't know you except from what I read on your posts, but I know you are such a brave young woman. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for good luck, good health and a speedy recovery !! YOU CAN DO THIS !!!

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No real advice sweetie, just well wishes.  It sounds like a full on blitzkrieg!!!!   Throwing everything they have at it has got to work!!!!  It is good you will be in the hospital for all of that as you will be able to get plenty of fluids and that will be key in flushing out all the toxins that aren't absorbed and working.  Make sure you have a glass of water in your hand constantly when you are away from the hospital.  That much stuff is going to be difficult to flush.  
Your mom has my number so I guess I will get updates from her.  Take care and I WILL talk to you before you go.
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Dear Deandra,

You are always so supportive and positive giving everyone a good feeling when you post.
ALL my hopes and prayers are with you, flying to ya from across the sea!  
Kick this thing to the curb girl!  

(Much strength, powerful woman, and much love be with you).......
Kia kaha wahine toa...Arohanui

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Oh Deandra!  I just want to say that I'll be praying for you.  That all sounds so aggressive and you said it would be.  I will pray that you stay strong and that your body handles all that they do.  Most importantly, I pray that you get the results you are hoping for!

Big hugs,
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Dear Deandra,
Sending you lots of positive vibes and tons of luck, hope you are taking it a bit easy before the treatment and pampering yourself !! .I admire your strength and courage and will be praying that everything goes your way.
Love and Best wishes  Angie
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Thank you everyone. I'm going to try and keep you all updated, but I hav no idea how I am going to feel once I am in the hospital. I will have my mom give Jan a call, and if she is feeling up to it, she can write a short update on the forum. You all are amazing, and I ask that you PLEASE keep me in your prayers and think positive for me. Thank you. With love, Deandra
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Sorry I am a bit behind on my postings, well they certainly are bringing out the artillery for you and going for the cancer full steam ahead, I KNOW this is going to work and get rid of the beast. I am sending you loads of postive thoughts and will be keeping you in my prayers

I will keep a look out for updates


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Just wanting to send you positive thoughts and prayers! You are one tough woman and I will be praying your body will handle this and that you will have wonderful results.  Hugs,
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You are one of the most positive women on this forum. If anyone can beat this terrible disease, you can. Go get 'em. I wish you nothing but complete and total success. You are in my prayers.
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I wish you God's good graces and will pray all goes well for you.  What an amazing journey you are taking.  My nephew had stem cell transplant and he's doing great many years laters.  ..

Judy C.
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Hi Hon,

I don't really know you, but I just wanted to throw my love, strength, support, and courage behind you 100%. You really must be an incredable young lady, and I only have good positive feelings about your amazing treatment plan and your outcome.

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I am wishing you luck, and that the time away from home will go quickly.  I hope that this does turn out to be the answer.  I know you will get through this.  You are very strong.  

Good Luck,
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God Bless You during your stem cell transplant.  My husband had one two years ago for Multiple Myeloma.  You are young, so that makes you a great candidate for the treatment.  You should do great with your positive attitude.

Please keep us informed of your progress.  The outcome of your treatment is very important to us.
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  The whole stem cell transplant thing is way over my head, but it sounds as though they are going to hit it and hit it hard. I have to agree that you are a very strong woman, so I just know that this will kick this thing in the *** for you. I will be following how you do, because it may be something I might consider looking in to somewhere down the road. I wish the very best for you. I will keep you in my prayers that you handle it all well and that the results come back better than you could have ever hoped for. You go girl! We are all behind you all of the way. You have a big cheering section, so listen closely. You will probably be able to hear us all the way down in Houston!
  Sending you all of my thoughts and prayers,
    Love, Chris
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Hey Deandra...whew! That's quite the list of drugs! You know, you have one of the most aggressive, positive attitudes of any one I've ever met whose battling this disease - you just refuse to give up and I LOVE that about you! I'm sure you have down moments, but you don't let them over shadow what the big picture is - to beat this cancer. I will pray extra hard for you and be anxiously waiting to hear anything about how your doing...
Love and lot's of hugs,
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