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Why do I change when we have the step kid ?

My husband thinks that I completely changed on the weeks that we have his kid  I try and act normal but for me it's a week of hell  I don't look forward to seeing the kid I don't look forward to the way her life change when this kid is in our home  i'm constantly on the defense  i've met some stepparent they're completely removed from the situation and it's so hard for me to do but maybe I should find a way to cleverly not care anymore why should I care if he wipes his hands on his clothing instead of using a napkin he's not my child  go from a week of glory so we can I can't stand

I am pregnant and due in June I sure hope my husband focus is less on this kid wants our baby comes along

Yes I've been doing therapy and it's helped but I still can't seem to enjoy having him in our lives
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I'm sorry to say it doesn't work that way. Your husband should not be expected to focus less on any of his kids just because another one is born. Blended families come with many challenges, and this is a big one. But you already knew he was a package deal, kids and all, when you married him. If you didn't want to have to put up with stepkids then you should not have married a guy who already had kids from a prior marriage.

My suggestion is that you try to be more understanding of your stepkid whose world has been totally up ended as a result of the new step mom and new step sibling and who likely just needs some time to adjust and a little compassion and understanding for the emotional roller coaster all of this has caused.
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