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Fiancé has no spine against his nightmare children

Soon to be step mom to 2 girls, 13 & 12. All of the fiance’s Family admits they’re ‘a handful’ (that’s me putting it nicely, not the family). Their mom (a mental health professional) calls them ‘*******’ (her exact word for them). The girls are allowed to be slobs and show no signs of responsibility. He was always traveling for work and she got to sit on her butt all day and not work. (I’m the mom of a 21 year old that stays with us from time to time and she cleans up after herself majority of the time).
They’re quite disrespectful of their dad, for example, the older girl washed and dried her clothes today. He told her to fold the small load she did and put it away. She tells him no, after dinner. He says, no, now. She says well then I’ll just take the unfolded clothes and dump them in a drawer unfolded or leave them in a basket, unfolded. He caves in like a wussy. Then the younger one finds a reason every week to blame me for something and then she storms off in a fit and he blames me. Like tonight. This girl for some reason, has to have every damn light shut off in the whole house to watch a movie. I need to finish stuffing a liner into a wedding announcement envelope. Less than 2 minutes, because I didn’t have it done... she storms off because I didn’t finish the moment she demanded pitch black conditions and he says I ruined the night. Again. I said do you notice a pattern? She finds a reason to storm off every weekend she’s here because she enjoys that you blame me for it? He then proceeds to say, ‘you have an opportunity here to make it better with her’. Excuse me?!? HE has an opportunity to tell her to stop disrespecting me and throwing down this bs. Yet, he keeps believing their acts of bs. I’m supposed to marry this man with no spine in 27 days. These girls see that I have been working 6 days a week as of late, getting up at 3-4 in the morning and not getting home til 6pm. Where’s the respect?
He believes the master manipulators over me. It makes me feel like crap and that I’m not going to be his wife, just some disrespected piece of tail because he believes these disrespectful young girls more. I guess he feels guilt that he wasn’t around a lot in their younger years but that was the past and he cant let them railroad him out of guilt...
I’m at my wits end. These bratty girls make me want to leave. We have them every Thursday and then every other weekend, it’s Thursday through Sunday evening.
These girls are extremely horrible to their mom and even their grandmothers too.

What do I do? They need to be respectful of the adults in the house... whether it’s their bio parent or her guy or me. I would’ve never let my daughter act like that and my parents would’ve buried me 6 feet under of acted even remotely like this...

What do I do?
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