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His son's mother hates me

So to start this off I'm just saying me and my fiancee have known each other for about 9 yrs now we messed around way back in the day he ended up dating my cousin by marriage anyways she and I have always been pretty close she knew bout me and him messing around the one time yrs ago but they had a son goin on 6 yrs ago I watched him grow up through pics and all this while his father had got locked up for 5 an half yrs so when he got out yesterday found me on Facebook and we started talking​ (at this point it was just on s friend level) he finally got me to come down to hangout​ one night well I never left we just clicked and I started coming down every weekend once she found out she sent Thier son down every weekend did bother me I love kids but when she realized we was getting closer she I want to say told her son not to like me or my twins idk but how do I deal with this when she's not letting him see his son at all cuz of me and he had taken on daddy to my twins that are 2 his son knows he loves him but I feel her and I've been where she at right now I'm not trying to take her spot just want him to know he can come to me for anything
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