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How do I deal with these dis-respectfull kids?

OK well let me start off by saying I have 5 kids. 2 step kids(13&10) and 3 biological(6,4,3) kids. My and my husband have been together a year and a half been married 3 months. Any way back to the task at hand. His children have had little to no respect for me since the 2/3 month we had been dating. Because of his exs wife's drug use he now has full custody of his two. "Boy13" and "girl10".  And she is no longer able to be apart of their life. Anyway. Myself and "girl10" have had NUMEROUS  physical altercations. I have let her get away with slapping,hitting,kicking and punching me up until the last 2xs. I've fault back. We'll the first physical altercation ended in her going to school and lieing to the principal,teacher and nurse. Long story short she went into my 3 smaller ones bed room and after telling her to get out NUMEROUS times she cussed me out so I physically picked her up and set her outside of the door where she then punched me in my stomach then comes into the living room and proceeds to throw things at me. Then walks outside and punches me in the head. Lied to her dad and told him it was the other way around. As to where I punched her and hit her.settled that (dad agrees I MUST OF HIT HER BECAUSE "boy13" "SEEN IT") might I add his face was in his computer the entire time this was happening.

Any way Sunday it all got physical again.she "girl10" was torturing my bio daughter6 so I stepped in. "Girl10" grabbed biodaughter6 by the hair and SLAMMED  her to the ground. So I went and got in her face (without touching her) and told her she better not ever touch biod6 like that again. She then started kicking me so I pushed her onto the couch cushions. She got up and started throwing hunting boots (very heavy) and kids shoes at me. Atleast 6 hit me. She threw the last shoe and it hit biodaughter6 right smack dab in the eye. She now has a black eye and broken blood vessels all around her eye. Anyway I jump over the back of the couch and screamed do you not have any since. Why the **** would you throw stuff in the first place. She then picks up a bike helmet and chunks it at my head.. yup it it me. So I chase her to her bedroom and pushed her when she fell into the dog cage and acted like she was dieing. So husband runs to HER rescue. Grabs me by the throat choaking me and tell me not to ever put my hands  on his child ever again. So after apologizeing he says that no matter what he will ALWAYS take his children's side and what they say.

Has anyone had to deal with physical,emotional and mental abuse by their step kids and now husband because of the step kids
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You need to leave the relationship before you are arrested for child abuse. Im serious. You cannot leave marks on a 10 year old like that, there will be serious consequences for you and probably your husband too if DCF finds out. Her father does not support you and refuses to parent his children. You have no control over these children, only he does. He needs to take your side and control them or you need to leave for your own safety and the safety of your kids.
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She’s going to call the police and have you arrested for child abuse... you need to move out and file for divorce... IMMEDIATELY!
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