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How to handle a difficult situation with step kids?

Just looking for a bit of advice. My daughter (step) just turneturned 18, and they found a tumor which turned out to be the dreaded C word.

She had surgery to remove it. The difficult part of all this for me is I have been in her life 15 yrs love her as my own and would do anything for her. But her mom and that side of the family doesn't even want me in the room when they are discussing stuff. My daughter doesn't care, but I don't want to place her in the position to say that at this moment.

Currently she is just recovering from having a basketball size tumor removed. We are waiting on results from the testing of it to find out all the info on the C word.

My husband understands my love for his kids and knows I need to be around. Still my plan is to not right or stand up to mom and her family until necessary.

I have to admit it's hard. I was the reason my daughter opened up and the tumor was found. Her mom had accused her of being pregnant. I comforted her and said that unless she was doing something no reason to assume she was pregnant.

I love my daughter and only want to do what is right by her. I would love to hear what others think and how I should handle this.
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