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So my husband has a daughter from a previous marriage. she just turned 6. i will be meeting her for the first time in june. I am extremely nervous. i love kids and i dont want to overwhelm her. i want her to like me and i know it will take time. i am just so nervous. my husband says everything will be good we will get along great and she will like me. he says he already sees us going to the park together shopping getting ice cream etc. he sees it but i dont just yet. im excited but at the same time nervous. if you all can give me some advice as to how to deal with it and help me stay calm and just be myself
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Try not to worry to much, I suggest taking deep breaths before and after and take her to the park.  I hope it works out
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Hello this is a very exciting time for you all! I hope it goes well. Try to not expect too much at first, what your partner is saying is lovely but just remember it will take time to build a relationship, if youre relaxed so will the little girl. It can be tough sometimes when you get to a point where you become another parent and not dads wife. Trust and respect are the vital ingredients, it is so worth it though! You sound really enthusiastic so she's a really lucky girl to have another adult in her life that loves her.

Keep your cool and things will be fine!
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I was in the same position before... Little girls warm up to adult females easier then u think. Find something she enjoys and go from there.... DONT BE A DOOR MAT!!!!!!!!! but of course dont be strict, let some things slide but be a parent figure not a friend..She isnt always going to like you, but in time she will love you and that doesnt change..  Take it one day at a time!!! and just be you.. you will be fine!!!!!!
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