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Step parent to a 12yr who is going to be a big sister! Need some recommendations

I am a Step parent to a 12yr who is going to be a big sister! Need some recommendations:

My husband has a wonderful 12yr old girl and we just found out were pregnant. (About 6 weeks) we are going to wait another week or so before telling her.

I want to put together a big sister bag with stuff to help prepare her to be a big sister (as I know she will be so excited and will want to be a part of this journey). Im trying to find some books, magazines....anything...that talks about being a big sister. (but most books talk about "my mommy is having a baby") im not her "real mommy" and my step daughter and I are more buds than having a "mom/daughter" relationship. Do you have any suggestions for books. magazines....anything? Even if its a book talking about being a big sister (and doesnt focus on my "mommys belly")

Thank YOU!!!
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I'd read "Siblings Without Rivalry," myself.  Despite the fact that she'll be excited, it's also one more division of her dad's attention.  There are a lot of good suggestions in that book.
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I didn't mean to imply that she wasn't excited.  It's just a good book to head any possible issues off at the pass.

There *must* be books written for an older sibling when a new baby is coming that don't go on and on about the "mommy is pregnant" angle.  Have you tried Amazon?
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AnnieBrooke, "Siblings without rivalry" is that for kids or more for adults?
She is 12..

I tried amazon but couldnt find anything...i tried searching several different names too :( thats why im stuck (
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It's for adults.  I was thinking about you positioning the advent of the baby in a way that will be the most successful in the long term.

I'll ask a friend of mine what books she knows about -- she's a stepmom of a 9 year old and a new mom of twins.
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Thanks Annie!
That would be great!!! Keep me posted!
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Here's what she did.  She wrote a book for the stepchild, sort of like a scrapbook, pasting in photos of everyone and writing a simple text.  She put in jokes about babies, and also a photo of her husband and the child (i.e., her stepchild) to represent that nothing would change about the relationship of dad and kid.  If you can't find anything else, it might be worth doing.  
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How did it go?

Well DH and I told my SS13 and SD9 that we are planning on a baby and what they think about having another brother or sister. SD9 was kinda happy, but SS13 told us thats going to be annoying. He actually said that if the Baby screams during the night and wakes him up, that he will stranggle it! Well I wasnt happy with that comment. That also means sharing room for my Step Children when they visit, as we are only having a 3bedroom house. Which is no problem in Australia, its not illigal and we only see them half of school holidays. They get bunk beds.

In saying that, I only want you to be prepared that you might get a different reaction then you expect, I hope not though!

Would love to know how you went! If you didnt tell her yet, GOOD LUCK and lots of hugs! And congratulations! ;)
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