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Step son's behavior.... I can't take it anymore..

I've always been proud of the way I have raised my children.. Considering that they have witnessed some horrible situations due to a nasty divorce... My children are respectful, caring, loving and have had morals instilled in them sense they could walk... And I'm patient and nurturing too children whom need help... Except for one child...

My stepson... He is rude, crude and mean.. he calls his father, mother and grandmother horrible names.. he is violent and manipulates every situation..

He throws tantrums for hours.. screams, hits and cusses.. he has no manners.. I blame his parent's.. for not caring.. but he's old enough to know better.. my husband just turns his head and ignores everything..

Being around him gives me an anxiety attack..

It's like living with an abusive alcoholic or addict.. Idk what to do... I'm not helping him. I can't anymore.. If his father isn't going to back me up.. Then I don't know what to do... I can't have one set of rules for my children and no rules or discipline for this child...
His parents don't care that he's awful...

I'm at my wit's end... I don't even want to be in the relationship any more...
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Good morning i have a step son that does the same thing he don't listing he hits kicks and screams bc he s not getting his way and it's bc his mom gives him anything he wants and baby s him it drives me nuts i don't know at to do about him screaming am scared someone will call bc they might think something happens bc he screams so loud and only time he does is when he don't get his way every time he screams i tell him an going to call his dad and he can sit and talk to his dad's about his behavior
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