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Unhealthy father/daughter relationship.

I would need your honest opinion. My soon to be ex-husband has a daughter from his previous marriage. She is now 16. I kept telling him that she shouldn't walk around the house in underwear. He is buying her tampons, he even washed her bloody underwear. She is extremely dependent on him. He still tuck her in with 16. When he does that, he is massaging her back ( ne were did that to me, even if I complained I have a back pain). Overtime I asked him to join my friends or do something together he would say that he prefers to go to the museums or zoo, or whatever with his daughter. Now, I found out she is adopted. I had several talks with him, but he insists it's nothing WEIRD with his relationship with his daughter. Ive talked with lots of friends, all agreed with me, but he said he talked with his friends, and all told him, he has a normal relationship with his daughter. I've asked him for years to do counseling, he refused.We are getting a divorce, our marriage didnt survived that. I would appreciate your input, he still hates me for insinuating his relationship is weird. Thank you
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go through with your divorce and move on
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This is truly something going on with that. Most dads are protective of their daughters and would get upset at them for walking around in whatever they want. I dont think it was a healthy relationship and you should move on. Do you think the girl is safe, or is there more to this story. At 16 most girls dont want their father tucking them in. It could be that he was all she had, and she got use to him being there for her, but she needs to learn to grow up into a mature young lady that respects herself. If you feel like there maybe something more dont be one of those that stand by and let it go simply because you dont want to admit what is truly going on.
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Uh, he’s a sick man. God you’re divorcing him and won’t have to have any involvement with that anymore.
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Yes divorce him an move on with your life.
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Divorced him, he is guilty an want you to feel guilty because of dysfunctional relationship with his daughter.
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