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We found out my 20 year old stepson had been spying on me

10 months ago I found a video of my stepson masturbaiting over my private areas while I was asleep. I also found very upclose, like pull the covers back close and he took video of my areas while I was asleep, i found also photos of me naked sleeping going back 1.5 years. Every one, his dad was sleeping next to me. He was immediately sent to live with his mom. It’s been 10 months and my husband is so broken about not speaking with his son for that long. I went and am still going through PTSD and anxiety about this. He believes I should start taking steps to understand WHY he did what he did, so that I can begin to heal and hopefully forgive him. Thoughts?
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That's a tough one.  It has been awhile.  How are things going now.  I think I'd be quite upset about this obviously.  And can imagine it is rough on his dad being apart from his son.  He should absolutely spend time with his son even if he can't be in your home.  His age greatly matters as to the why he might do something like this.  Write back with an update and we'll go from there.
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Honestly I don't know what I would do. I know I wouldn t want to be around his son, but I would tell him to visit his son. Your husband shouldn't have to choose but understand the boundaries that you need to heal. He might should get help for his son as well. I hope you are getting counseling also.
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