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new issues
i am at my wits end....my fiance barely corrects anything his son does, and gets snippy at my siblings(14 & 10), when they get annoyed or short with my SS...i'd been telling him they kept saying he was flipping them off, finally we kind of caught him...we came in from dinner b/c my sis watched the boys so we could eat out...apparently as we were unlocking the door, he had just flipped her off, and as we opened the door, she was just standing there in shock...my fiance gave him a couple swats, and lets it go.....

as for the autism issue one poster brought up, every child is different, and while i'm not saying that's the issue, there's just no way to bring it up to the mom, because his daycare says oh he's so smart, and such and how he's always a victim.....well, he may be an angel when daddy's around, but other people have noticed it, to the point where i refuse to take him anywhere but our friends house, b/c there, he just seems to act a little better..i won't take him to dinner, and because of his behaviour i have been unable to take my siblings anywhere, because i'm worried he's going to throw a tantrum....when i bring this up to my fiance or his mom, b/c they'll both take it the same way my fiance already has "he's too much for me and i don't want anything to do with him if my fiance isn't here", is what my fiance said the only time i've brought it up....my fiances mom agrees, but he says that's because she doesnt' see....well, she has! and she knows how the boy is!

argh, does anyone have suggestions?  this little boy doesn't listen, he literally will go back and continue doing something he JUST got into trouble for! he backtalks, he's just wow.....idk what else to say! i've always gotten on his height level to talk to him, so as not to talk down to him...it doesnt work, he rolls his eyes, fidgets, and refuses to listen to me, only what's going on...turning off the tv when i talk doesn't work, he'll focus on the baby instead...his answer to everything is "i don't know" or "mommy's bf told me too!"-tonight, he told our friend that his mom's bf teaches him bad things and it's hard for him not to do them...i personally disagree because when you ask him a question he "doesnt know", but if you give him time to think of an answer, the only one he gives is about his mom's bf.....
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