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My girlfriend when I first met her at the end of last year just over 3 months ago always complained of stomach pains which she brushed because she is allergic to certain things. Was getting pains at night and she would just feel sick and go to bed wake up fine . Slowly I've noticed the time of her recovery and how offen they accure has increased to almost 6 days a week she experienced them. Until the start of this month March she woke up in pain and the pain became much stronger and it had spread to her leg and into her back . The pain is only one the rights side ... They performed a laparoscopic surgery and removed her appendix. The appendix was in perfect condition even quoted how pink it was . They said that it was inflamed around the appendix and they removed some lymph nodes that and fluid in them and they were all slightly inflamed as well . She had a CT scan which found some fluid around where the surgery was done but not enough to worry about she had an ultra sound on her kidneys and nothing and before the major pain occurred she had her liver tested and nothing was found there. She always seems to complain about it being hit when it's clearly not for me a couple times a day. She isn't sleeping as much from the pain . She's lost a couple of kgs since the pain that made me take her to hospital. My questions is does this sound like anything that anyone has experienced yourself or with someone. Also if there's maybe things to help from medication to herbal natural remedies to get her immune system strong and make her body in better shape to overcome her problem?
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