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Are these symptoms of stomach cancer?

I've had symptoms for nearly 9 weeks now and getting seriously fed up as it is affecting my daily life. Been to the doctors 3 times and had 3 different blood tests, most recent tests have been normal. Last year, I had an operation to remove my appendix and I had some pain similar to stomach pain I'm having recently but it disappeared last year after a couple of weeks.
Two doctors have thought it was glandular fever although a test was negative,
Symptoms include:
- weakness, inability to carry out every day tasks
- General feeling of being unwell
- swollen/enlarged tonsils for weeks
- aching neck and sometimes face
- severe itching in armpits
- general itchy skin - particularly armpits, neck, stomach
- pain, where I previously had appendix operation on the right, but also on the left
- sometimes pain on left of back
- occasional bleeding when brushing teeth
- sometimes have irregular bowel movements
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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