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Does this sound like stomach cancer

I have been dealing with constipation now for 3 weeks. It started off with me only making small deposits into the toilet(like little pebbles). Now its pretty much nothing at all unless I drink this tea called smooth move. I have really bad health anxiety and I was on 25mg of sertraline until my insurance stopped and I could no longer afford it. I stopped taking the sertraline a little less than a month ago. I don't know if stopping the med is a cause for constipation. As of about 4 days ago ive just been super bloated especially at night. I usually get some relief from it in the morning but no use of the bathroom. This morning im drinking coffee to see if that will help.

A little bit about me im a 35 year old female again I have really bad health anxiety. I google symptoms all day every single day. I am about 5 5 190 so I am very much over weight although I have lost 5 pounds in the last month from quitting alcohol. I have a desk job so I don't exercise much and I don't eat healthy. I have been trying to incorporate more water but its hard. I have been having issues with constipation since I was little but nothing this bad where I haven't been able to really go on my own normally. I guess the thing that's worrying me the most is the bloating and not being able to go. I have no pain, nausea or any of that. My appetite is still good but I have been eating very little because I don't want to add more food into my stomach when nothing is coming out. I haven't tried anything over the counter yet besides the tea. Is there anything you guys can advise me of or maybe if any of these symptoms sound familiar to anything you guys have been through. This is causing me to not be able to sleep and its stressing me out and with my anxiety its just been bad!
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