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Is this possible?

I'm concerned that my mother has stomach cancer.

Unfortunately, I can't be by her side right now (considering how I'm all the way across the country for school) so I can only go by what she says until her CT and biopsy results are out.

She has two tumors: one that is 1.6cm on top of her liver, and one that is also 1.6cm on the bottom of her stomach.

Is that possible?

I've always thought that stomach tumors originate from inside the tumor and if it is on the outer layering of the stomach, should be much bigger.
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Hi there!

Gastric/ stomach tumours could occur anywhere along its wall. The tumour on the liver could be a matter of concern if it is a secondary from a primary GI/ Gastric tumour, suggesting a late-stage malignancy. Another possibility is the two being separate issues, where the situation may not be as grave. At this stage the best would be to wait for the investigational reports to come out, when a diagnosis can be made and an appropriate management plan initiated.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I'm sorry!  How is she doing?  Does she definitely have stomach cancer?  I hope she's doing well!
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