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Low White Blood Cells

A month ago went to a medical center complaining about stomach pain n they did some tests and told me i have H-Pylori and tht my white blood cell count was low 3.2 cells per cmm, they put me on a 15 day Antibiotic treatment. 4 weeks later have finished the treatement but still the pain hasnt gone, when back again to the same hospital and they did again test n told me i still have H-phylori and my white blood cells keeps going down now at 1.8 cells per cmm. they did an HIV test on me n come out negative and now they want to send my blood to a different lab for a separate but same test.

My questions is, wat are my chances that this can be a sign of Cancer or any of those serious deseases?I am really getting worried and cant concentrate on my work, please help.

Thank you
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So sorry u have to go tru this..i did have h pylori and took the triple therapy.. but a month after still had pains and did a test again which said pos again...doc sent me for endo and it was negative after a few months.. the damage by h pylori takes a while to heal but u need to take probiotics exclude gluten meat fats and oil.. do juicing daily and eat more vege and fruits into ur diet ur stomach has been damaged but that nasty germ..u shud be back to normal if u follow what i told u...keep strong.. that little germ is really terrible..also undercooked meats and raw foods contain these nasty bugs.. avoid them ..at least till ur stomach heals and the lining is rebuilt.. hope this helps u
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