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Pet scan results

I just got my report from recent pet-scan and it’s showing a single markedly hyper metabolic periaortic lymph node size of 0.6 cm in short axis with max SUV7.1 what does that mean ?
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SUV (standardized uptake value) is a semiquantitative measure of metabolic activity on PET (positron emission tomography). SUV 7.1 is elevated and abnormal, suspicious for metastasis especially if there is a known primary cancer; cannot exclude mimics such as infection and/or inflammation. You should discuss with your doctor.
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A lymph node measuring less than 1 cm in short axis is not enlarged by size criteria, while a lymph node measuring greater than 1 cm in short axis is enlarged by size criteria. Although your lymph node is not enlarged by size criteria, it is nonetheless still suspicious because of its associated hypermetabolic activity.
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Hi there, have you asked your doctor after getting results what is he saying, how serious is it?
An SUV of 2.5 or greater can indicate metastatic cancer activity, but other factors can provoke above-normal readings.  
SUV measurements are a calculation that takes into account the absorption of the radioactive tracer compared to the time elapsed and the patient's body weight. Inflammation and infection also can cause falsely inflated SUV readings. So, I think it is better to consult with the doctor regarding these readings and get an accurate answer.
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