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Severe Stomach Pain

HELP. My Fiancé has been having severe stomach pain and diarrhea for about 5 months now. At first we thought he was lactose intolerant so he stopped consuming lactose, after the pain got worse we went to doctor and she diagnosed him with IBS and gave him medicine and told him it was being caused from what he was eating. Even with the medicine, eating plain, bland food still makes him have severe stomach ache and diarrhea. It's getting to where he is afraid to eat anything for fear of getting sick, so he just doesn't. He does smoke and stress a lot so we thought maybe ulcers or gallstones. Every thing we have tried so far has not helped any. Even lactaid makes him sick, and he used to be able to drink milk without problems. He is in a lot of pain. Can anyone help us figure out what this might be caused by. (Next doctors appointment already scheduled.)
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I do hope the next doctor's appointment will help.  I myself am having problems, and have lost my appetite, and have constant nausea.  I know IBS can be very difficult to live with.  I have a friend who is constantly sick with hers and has diarrhea.  

Hopefully the doctor can ease his discomfort, but sometimes we have to learn to live with a diagnosis but of course doctors do not always work out what is wrong.  Further tests may be needed, and your fiance could ask to be referred to a specialist at the hospital.
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