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erosion in duodenum

Dear All,

My husband has severe pain in upper abodomen for about last one year. The pain starts only during night after about 2 hours of having dinner and persists for about 3-4 hours. We intially thought it to be a gastritis pain because after taking antacid he get relief. But last thursday nothing worked and finally after consuming about 1 litre of water he vomitted. Next day we went to a doctor. He suggested a Endoscopy and Ultrasound. The report is as below:

1. Erosion in duedunum
2. Positive test for H-Pylori
3. 17mm gallbadder stone

My husband smokes around 3-4 packs (10 cigarettes a pack) of cigarettes and does take alcohol once a wk. Doctor has given medicines for killing H-Pylori. Please suggest what shall I do now? I am worried more for the first 2 results. He has now reduced cigarettes to 3-4 nos. And stopped alcohol totally.

Please reply. I am waiting for valuable effective suggestions..............

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