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A special one

*written in the perspective of the special one (a false story built from a true one)*

I was born into a family that couldn't care for me, but i was loved. My brothers and sisters always ate first and left me to what was left. My big sister would let me sleep in her bed and at times i would hold her just to feel comfort. She would make sure i got feed. One day a man and women took me away from them mama and papa told me i was going to a better place and this new family changed my name to something divine. It seemed unfair and at first I tried to get away but i couldnt they wouldnt let me so i just cried.

A few month had gone by and it was true life was better. A young boy who called himself my brother was caring and kind to me. He took good care of me and watched over me like an older brother. We would go out and play together and walk around and he would talk to me. I would lie by him why he slept. To comfort hima and it reminded me of my sister so it would comfort me to be next to him.

As the years went by we grew closer we would do more things together and i would wait for him to come home every day. One day he came home broken he ignored me and went to his room and cried. I just layed next top him to give him that comfort and like before i listened to him. A few months after that another girl came to live with the family and they cared for her two and Brother would walk with both of us and play woth both of us.

Then we had to move far away the place they we had ben living didnt want us anymore so we left. The other side of America. Me and my sister rode with the old one that brother called father. Life had its ups and downs but brother was always there and i was their for him. One day sister went out with mother and didnt come back the family was all in distres over it. but sister never came back it was horrible and caused so much pain. They went out every day looking for her but they always came home with their head down. But it got worse brothers ups and downs got worse at times he would curse the world for what it had done.

Then if that wasnt bad egough i got sick it became hard to eat and i hurt and was tired but i tried to fake it as long as i could so brother wouldnt be worried. But then they noticed i couldnt hide it any more lumps had formed in my throht. They took me to the doctor and i was diagnosed with cancer. They gave me shots that made it feel like it wasnt there but they said that kemo would kill me more likly then it would help me. It got so bad that brother had to chew my food before i could eat it. Brother and mother left one day and father was asleep, i became tired so very tired, and then I didnt hurt anymore. I drifted away.

* Brothers view *

I came home after going to the book store all seemed good i prepare some food for divinity sh. So i called to her she must have been sleeping so i walked into my moms room were she slept when she wasnt with me and there she lay died on the floor i droped the bowl came running out mom came in and ther she lay. She was stiff her eyes had lose there glow and all i could do was cry. The next day we took her to the human society to have her vremated i still hate the fact we didnt have the money to get her ashes.

                                            In loving momorie of one of my best friends
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Very touching story is this one of yours I assume it is , you are a very talented writer have you tried to get published ?
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Thank-you and no ive never tired ive written a few things but no ive never been publish that would be really cool lol.
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Oh, that's sweet.  You have SUCH a talent.
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thank-you for seeing that and acknowleging it :)
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