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Mercy & Forgiveness

Two righteous emotions
They seem to go hand in hand
Mercy has to be shown
Before forgiveness can begin

Even if there is struggle
And the heart is filled with sorrow
If mercy is initiated then forgiveness is sure to follow

Two actions intertwined
Creating peace and harmony
But the root ingredient is love
Without it, none of this would be

Yes, love is what created these two
And if shown to our enemies
God will do the same for us
When kneeling at his feet.

The greatest example of all
Was on a cross at Calvery
God’s only begotten son
In place of you and me

With just one word his wounds would have heeled
An abandoned cross would stand
And ten thousand Angels would bring destruction across the land

But instead, one man, clean of sin
Shed his blood that day
Mercy and forgiveness is how he led the way
Father please forgive them, this is what he cried
That wasn’t just for them. It was meant for you and i.
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Great expression of mercy, forgiveness, & love.
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Wonderful words ...we are going to need those thoughts in the months ahead ..
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Thats really good, and true.
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