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The end of a world (part two)

(pls read part one)

So let me go on now that you know a little about me let me go on with my story.
A girl soon moved next door to me. She was gifted with looks much like Crazy was. I could never talk to her. She was always on the phone one day I caught that she was a porn star of sorts she had a website which I found and would use to fantasize about her.  She was a very nice looking and all the stuff was solo. One day she knocked on my door I kind of freaked out and even thought about grabbing my gun but I didn’t I just opened it. She smiled that nice smile only she had. I saw you design websites. I was stumbled out a yes  and she replied “can I come in it kind of a private matter.” I let her in and in turn I got a job but more important I got a friend and she consoled in me and I in her. Rose was the characters name. She told me that crazy sounds like a good guy and that she would come with me to his grave. She did and we grew close. She invited me to be in her videos and I was. It was great it empowered me and when I was near her I felt nothing bad could happen.  Life is interesting in its own way.  All I did was for not I got word one day apparently she  put me on her emergency call list some person who had been watching her videos found her and well I wont speak of the horrible thing that was done but there she was dying on that table. I cried to her and she said to me. I got my dream I’m not dying alone thank-you. Apparently I found this out only later she had a life threaten illness and didn’t have longer to live. She looked at and gave that same look that Crazy did in his final moments she reached out and kissed me and pushed out the words “ Everything will be okay you’ll see” I screamed out and cried  I remember cursing god and asking why.

She left me everything and I turned her site into a memorial and since she had no family and gave me everything  I buried her next to Crazy. I only went out to there graves I didn’t eat nor did I sleep I just sat there getting older and sadder. I stopped working it not like I had to I wasn’t really using anything.
I stopped going to the grave sit I would just sit looking out the glass window. I even bought the place next to me so no one would move there.  Life what was life I thought a torment god sent us to live through. A test bull-**** what kind of test could this be. As I lay there I began to hear voices and see things more then likely from the lack of all the things my body needed but one night I got shock out of my sleep by  a breeze I went  to the living room and there he sat . It was crazy he smiled at me and said “Everything will be okay you’ll see” I ran to him with tears in my eyes but by the time I grabbed it I found the  chair wasn’t so kind to my grasp and I slipped and fell though my window.

What a joke the window I had stared though to see life pass me by was what ended my life. I fell as I fell this feeling of dread came over me and I screamed  but that was silenced by the pavement. I see now the world began to fall apart and  gods mighty hand reached down and burned the earth and curse us all. Every one screaming out What a joke I die just as the world ends. My eyes became heavy and I drifted off to death. I awoke and the grim reaper stood there before me. It spoke out “Why? Why have you given up you poor soul so much to offer this world” I replied  “ You took everyone I loved from me and god never gave me a good life.” I continue “ We must play the cards dealt us but when you been dealt a hand as crappy as mine while others who are far less deserving are given the aces right off the bat.”
It laughed at me and returned “ You think life is a card game you think you were given a hand to deal. No indeed this is a card game but you are given blank pieces of paper it’s you who writes on the paper what you have.”  “these aces you speak of. Do you think they are happy because of those Aces” “No!” “ No matter how rich you are happiness does not come from  riches or fame but on you.”

“What ?” I sad to it “What? What!” he said “ You look at life from one view that you lost those people but people fade from this world every day. Do you morn them?” “no I..I “ I could think of anything to say” “ No you don’t you go on. You only feel sad for these people played a part in your story, your life, but they saw something you failed to see.” “what ?“ I responded  “ they saw that you had enriched there life and if it wasn’t for you those peoples lives may have been empty and who know maybe Crazy would have never  got so close to who he once was for what you don’t know is that thanks to you he was able to tell his mother that he loved her and not as Crazy but as the son she once knew.”
“Rose loved you and you helped her not suffer from her illness alone. You got her though her worse fear.”

I was shocked but it was right. “love” he said  and I repeated “Love?” he went on “God loves you  just as I do and so does Crazy and Rose. People need love. Life’s not a test but a lesson on how hard it is but a even smaller lesson is every one is important not just you but even the homeless man sitting on your corner one day he may do something to effect someone.”  “ Another lesson you must learn is its not about  want you own or have. Not fame or fortune comes with you in your next life. Instead what comes with you is the love from those you once knew” It smiled at me and said “ The body is the house of the soul build your house nice and strong but remember to love your home. Your mind is the regulated heating and cooling of your house keeping it just right so be sure to learn as much as you can to keep you home working at peek condition and remember when you die your soul will take its true form and you will be shown the truth. Make sure you love others and let them love you”

So the world ended and on the other side was death who told me that those who love me will be waiting but there are those in the world still waiting for me to love them so the gods mighty hand once again destroyed this world I had come to and I awoke in the hospital. The doctors all were shocked to see me awake I was dead they had confirmed it but I came back. I don’t know if that was just my mind trying to relate to the shut down or if I went to some after life but I do know this I am here and there is reason for it.

So next time you turn your head and refuse to show love to some one think to your self do they need some one to call out to them could your hand be the one to give them comfort in a most trying time.

Writers note------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is a story and should be taken that way. Its fake and fully made up. I am so confused I don’t know what to believe in my own life. But I do believe that each and every person in this world is important and when some one is killed in any form everyone else must suffer even if they don’t even know of that persons existence. I wish people would have reached out to me. I needed people and all I got was cold shoulders. I’m not saying to go run to some thug and try and consol him or her. I’m just saying if every one cared about others a little more the world would be better. I suffer from some form of depression and that’s what this is a writing created in a time of sadness. There is no real definitions to this story when I started it a long wile ago It was a very different story with a for told character and a much sadder ending I re thought the ending in original the main person kills themselves and the story ends with the world that person knew falling apart. I decided to change it for my own sanity.

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Again well thought out and well written , it is good to be able to write and put our thoughts down others may have some input also, you are obviously a deep thinker.
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Again Thank-you and i hope they do
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I liked your story. There are many people out there that suffer alone, no one to be their friend or that cares about them. We all have the capabilities to care about another person. When we suffer alone, we realize the value of one person that shows they care. I hope you are not alone anymore.
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Cloud, you really are so sweet. And easy to like too. I don't know why people haven't reached out to you. I'm sorry to hear that. I like everything about you. You are a real nice guy and so talented as I have told you before..
Very well written story, kept my interest through out...You are not boring at all. I really like your personality a lot..
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Me too.....   hey you have some friends ....
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lol well thank-you  I'm trying to write a happier story but hard lol :D
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keep trying doesnt have to be happy maybe something positive ...we are still very fortunate here .anyway A writer writes what he can so dont change yourself that would be fighting your thougts..all stories real or othwise , if the reader doesnt want to read it its their choice its your choice  what you write ...
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