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love (here margypops im trying )

the warmth of the sun cascades across there bodies as they lay together drifting in and out of sleep ,there love making had lasted for hours ..
moving together with frantic purpose ,hands slowly touching ...there eyes had locked as the move together ...climax rising like the coming storm
..till eyes closed the moaned out there cries ....now drained and spent ..they lay ,feelings of warmth and contentment ........his finger tracing
small circles on her shoulder ,his eyes locked on her face ...what beauty he thought ...the smell of her hair ,like a drug ..he leans in and slowly
and softly kiss's her shoulder ...and thinks this is love ...this is perfect...
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hahahah well thats better ..well you certainly change your subjects ..its a good thing LOL I think ..
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lol i woke up today and even tho its raining i feel a lighter side in my heart ,and i didnt want that to come off as sex ...just the feelings of love
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yes it did come over as you wanted it to ...I would love to write mine would be humorous...even about my own life .,.
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as his stares continue ,she stirs and rolls over to look at his face ..her hand reaches out softly grazing her fingers across his face ,electric feelings make his eyes close ..he leans down and there lips meet ,soft ,and tender .....
    time moves on...
   an old man sitting on a park bench ..watches as the leaves blow across the grass ,a chill shudders threw him ...his eyes stained with tears ,he starts to rise and walk to the part of the park he dreads most,the cemetery.
    he walks threw not really looking where he goes ,and his body almost instinctively knowing where its going ...he finally reaches his destination,...and falls to his knees ..weeping he caresses the stone as hes done many times before ...i miss you he cries ,why am i still here ...he weeps ..........then he hears something ...like a whisper ...on the wind...he turns and looks about ...seeing nothing ...his heart begins to pound ...he clutches his chest ...gasping for breath ...pain wracks his body...he slumps over eyes locked on her name on the stone ...tears stop...he knows hes on his way .....as his eyes close and his shudders stop ...a hand grasps his shoulder ...a delicate touch makes his eyes open ...he looks and sees a shining white light...slowly the light fades and there she is ....his tears come again this time with joy.....a womens voice rings in his ears .....oh my love i have waited so long for you ....he rises and slowly reaches out to touch her face ..and says my dear i have waited for this moment all my life .....as his hand touches her face light begins to shine from first his fingers ,then his hand and moving threw both of them they dissolve into light ...a wind swirls the light like a mist ..rising it up higher and higher it flies out of site ............
    a man walking his dog finds the body of the old man ...rushes over and is halted by the sight of a smile on the mans face ...and wonders
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very nice, and a happy ending for him I like that , you have a way with words ...
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i only wish those words came out of me before ....but no use crying over spilt milk lol
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