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Crashed Glass and the Sounds of Magic

crashed glass ,the sounds of magic ...

im careful to not disturb the dust of time as i move through spaces left unwanted

broken thoughts ,memories hurtful...

where am i going?

lost in the halls of society,drifting towards what ?

i stare into mirrors and forget whose face stares  back at me  ...

i raise my hand and stop to shiver ,as the face dissolves in the steam..

walking in circles ,nothing clear ..

voices not mine ,all i hear..distant and uncaring

fingers as branches ,point at me ..

how do they know?

triggers a passion ,one lost in time

is time broken?

the numbers are meaningless and drip on the tile...

drip tock..tick drop......sounds are confusing

stabs of pain ,white and fresh ...

words flout behind closed eyes,drifting on fluids of visceral pain

never clear as to where it hurts..

old friends ,i am to this ...

losing sight of dreams of clarity

to cold dark reposes of light's dying embers ..

delving deep,i fail to find ...

searched faces ,and distant eyes..

left unwanted ,or at least uncaring ..

stalwart in visions of life's delicate threads..

i stitch there eyes shut in thoughts all but one

the urge to make it real ,a touch is pleasure

pleasure,tears ...

only memories,left in docks in a dried out river

tears once flowed to fill a void ,left  by decisions of error

made by one who has lost his soul

a tattered soul ,broken like glass ..

hurled at a wall,screams to release the story

spoken words ,replaced with thoughts ...

left with no taste ,and molded hate

it has fueled my demise ,and set it in stone..

dark the words ,to dark to read ..

my skin may speak of the life i lead

crashed glass,the sounds of magic

tones of power to a man who no longer hears

and sparkles of light, emanate hopes adrift on knowledge

that there never really was ...

a life to have,only broken time

of a clock that never moves  ..

set in a crystal,carved with diamonds

colored  in red

drip tock tick drop

again and again the silence is deafening

eyes strain against sutures of glass encrusted threads

is that tears?

no i have none left ...

a tremble..a shake...and all in all a final cut
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well thats the main thing I have also had a rough spell moving house ...a lot of stress involved ...hey well you are here now aso maybe we will have more good stuff from you ,xxx
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Thank you very much ...i have gone through a troubled spell but im on the right track once again ...
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hi Evilash so good to hear from you and as talented as ever ...love this new piece ...
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