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Am I Stressed Or Depressed

I have sudden mood swings and I simply can't focus in high school. I self harm and have suicidal thoughts. I feel like I can't talk to my mum or step-dad definitely not my dad! I don't want them to know. I worry easily and I ALWAYS feel soooo tensed up!
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Hi if it is none of the poll answers please feel free to make a comment!
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I honestly, believe it is very very important that you tell an adult how your feeling! If something has caused you to be uncomfortable or even afraid to tell your parents, and you have no other family you can talk to, then please speak to your school counsellor or family doctor!

Young girls commonly experience mood swings, and extreme emotions because of the changing hormones, so please be brave and tell someone what is going on with you, so you can get the right help you need!    

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The tension and stress felt in high school are real, and as serious of issues as any other time in life.  If the adults you would ordinarily talk to about things would tend to pooh pooh it as just a stage, or are in a world of hurt themselves and you don't want to add to their load, then talk to someone else.  A teacher, a counselor, an aunt.  As super says, when hormones come in, stress goes up, and high school is like the classic time for hormones.  In other words, you are not crazy.  High school is stressful and you are also being somewhat biologically sabotaged.  Coping with this might be a matter of exercise (it gets endorphins going and is more effective than an antidepressant) AND talking to someone, AND maybe changing the way things are in school (taking different classes, transferring, etc.)  I think you have to grab the bull by the horns, and you really have to reach out.  That is the first step, and often the hardest.  But it is do-able.
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Hello sweetie and welcome. We are so glad that you posted and are expressing your feelings. There is only so much we can do online.

Do you have a pastor, an adult family friend, a trusted neighbor, your doctor,
Someone you trust who you can talk to if you don't feel you can talk to your parents?

Did something happen to you recently that  has caused you to have sudden mood swings. did someone treat you badly? are you feeling overwhelmed by your school work?

there is nothing that is so terrible that you should consider hurting yourself over. There is always hope for every situation.
You have to keep the faith and believe that there is a way to make things better.
Have you been checked by a doctor for your breathing?
If you are feeling anxious and panicky that can also cause shortness of breathe.
You are so young and have so much living to do.
Please check back in and talk to us. We are here and would love to keep
talking to you.
I am sending lots of prayers for hope and strength,
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Hi thanks to everyone who helped now I know its hormones depression and severe stress all thanks to 'atthebeach' the most who convinced me to see a doctor and I did and got my results! Thanks again and I hope the best for all of you! I will now mention the people in order who helped me the most!!

1 atthebeach
2 AnnieBrooke
3 supermum_ms  
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plz talk to some close to you
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