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Any tips to relax?

Basic question really.
I stress, a lot, and I was wondering what kind of things you guys do to relax. The more tips/ideas the better. I would like to find something that workd well for me and there are plenty of people here who have their own way of dealing with stress.
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Deep breaths, cold water drinks, switching my thoughts to nothing negative, Yoga, chatting on MH to friends ....It is always our thoughts that make us feel bad,when you are stressing' obsessing' think of something else, distract yourself .
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Hey, I just joined this group and don't have a picture up yet, but I will soon. I am a 27 guy and have a history with anxiety and depression etc. Recently I have also been going through a lot of stress, I stress a lot too! I think concerning is a good quality, but we shouldn't let it incompasitate us. i have allowed my stress and depression cause me to be very dysfunctional and worried. I have gone through three significant eposodes sinse I was 21, and for good reasons, and have come a long way, I think. Even though I'm still going through a stressful period in my life...

I actually just went to my psychiatrist for the second time for a diagnosis, of depression. I insisted Natural medicine and she was receptive. She prescribed me St Johns Wort (which has a very bright lovely flower by the way-- to reveal its magical powers). St Johns Wort has been used for centuries as I've learned and though I just took my first dose an hr ago, and I think it actually gave me posotive energy. But anyway, I'll let you know what I think later.. it can't hurt!

I was also prescribed two other natural remedies, which may have more direct chemical effectiveness: Folic acid and Vitamin D-3. Folic acid I believe helps with fatiuge (tiredness). And I know the D-3 must be for the winter season here in Vermont, USA where I live.

I hope you are feeling well! And I'm glad to talk if you would like.

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