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Are these fears even rational? May be developing anxiety

Allow me to start by saying this has been going on since November. A few days after allowing my boyfriend to finger me with saliva as lubricant, I had begun feeling irritated on my vagina. This immediately caused me to freak out. I told my mom about the irritation, but not the fingering, and she had me wait to see if it would get better, however it did not. She then took me to a PA who informed me not to worry about STDS since I've never had actual sex before. She prescribed me a yeast medication which made symptoms worse. She then prescribed me a bacterial infection medicine which didn't help. After that I ended up seeing the actual Gynecologist. I explained again about what had happened, but I forgot to tell both of the doctors that I had felt the irritation right after. I just told the gyno my sexual history and she once again said that since I wasn't havin sex, gono and chlyamdia were not a concern. She prescribed me something else for just contact, which caused more burning so I stopped it, and am just using the Dove soap she told me to switch to.

Now I'm scared that maybe if my boyfriend was sick and he fingered me with saliva, could that have given me something like his illness except in my vagina? Was neglecting to tell her that I felt the irritation two days after a bad thing? Like would her judgement have changed?

My boyfriend has never been sexually active with anybody but me and the same goes for myself and him. I have been so terrified lately to the point where I will be seeing a therapist fairly soon. I'm scared constantly and I cannot even tell if my fears are rational. Sometimes I get scared that his dad maybe cheated on his mo without her knowing and gave her an std which she passed on to her son, my boyfriend. I am scared day in and day out and I can't even tell my mom because I don't want to hurt her and I have had to tell her about something like this before when I was scared I was pregnant because I was scared his precum got in my vagina when he fingered me, and it was a horrible time. Please someone help me decide whats rational and what isn't.
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