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Bad Stress

Well, the other night on thursday, I was having a huge argument, the biggest one, with my rents over my boyfriend and them making me dump him or they would take him to the police for sexual texts, but that aint the problem, the problem is that everytime I am really scared or stressed, I shake so much and I feel like throwing up.
Is this normal?
And now I still feel sick in my stomach and dont want to eat, even though my rents thought they were being to harsh and decided to not take him to the police, but I want to know if this stress and sickness is a serious thing or just me.
It has been going on for almost 3 days and I feel really bad and sick. I do get scared and shake still but only every now and then. But I cant eat without having to only eat half my food.
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You could be having panic attacks.  My husband used to get them a lot though it never really made him sick, as opposed to finding it hard to breathe - but everyone is different.  You should see your doctor about it...stress can do many things to your body!  
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When situations use a lot of emotional energy, if you don't have enough of the nutrients that help you handle them, you stress out, and in your case, very much so.  Magnesium and the B Complex Vitamins are essential to properly handling stress.

Some of the safer and more effective forms of magnesium include: Taurate, Glycinate, and Citrate (latter can be laxitative, so take with food).  I'm also reading good things about Orotate.
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Try  not  to  worry  and  do  somthing  you  like  go  out  with  your  friends  and  have  fun!
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I think i have answer for you. Pls follow below mention procedure

(i) Take a stop watch. Most of the mobiles are having stop watch
(ii) Go to place where u are alone
(iii) Start stopwatch and laugh for no reason for 5 minutes.

After 5 mins of laughter exercise  take 5 to 10 deep slow breathe.   You will feel like u r in air. You get feeling of high. To hell with all worries.

Pls give it a try. Logic behind this 100 % success formula for stress buster is a chemical called endorphine. Pls google it out for more info.
Initially you may have to take 3 to 4 doze of laughter medicine (5 minute each).

Pls give a try atleast and let me know your finding.

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