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Can someone help me figure out the possible cause of my chest pain?

I'm just going to post this in forums that have a correlation with chest pain.

Please read carefully

I'm 16 years old, male. I have anxiety and severe hypochondria.

Other information: I weigh 158 lbs. I dont have diabetes, I have no heart problems, I have no family history of heart disease or DVT. I have regular blood pressure, no allergies, and I dont smoke.

About 2 weeks ago I got some left sided chest pain. It radiated down my left and right arms and especially radiated to my upper left back. It hasnt gotten worse, but hasnt gotten much better. Some days I dont have the pain at all. Some days I have the pain intermittently, some days I have the pain all day. It also hurts my left upper chest when I take a deep breath and my heart hurts when my stomach acid regurgitates. It also hurts more sometimes when I change the position I'm sitting or laying in.

I've been tested for heart disease before. (I'm a hypochondriac and I used to get palpitations so I got checked just to put my mind at ease). I got blood work done, a chest xray, an EKG, an echocardiodiagram and a 24 hour holter monitor done. All came back normal and that was when I was diagnosed with anxiety. That by the way was 4 months ago.

One of the weird phenomenons about this is the pain. Its always a burning pain. No pressure, no stabbing, no stinging. And a lot of the time its in my upper back. Just an excruciating, burning pain in my back. And my arms, sometimes the left, sometimes the right ache. And they feel like they're being choked with a tourniqet or something.

I saw my GP the other day, who immediately put it off as anxiety because thats the only condition I have. I also called my cardiologist and asked him. He said its virtually impossible for a 16 year old to have a heart problem and wasnt concerned. However, he knows how my anxiety is so he gave me a stress test and blood work to put my mind (partially) at rest. And of course, the tests came back fine. So heart problems as far as I know of, can be scratched off the list of possibilities.

I also called my neurologist who had a theory that might be a possibility. He said again, heart problems at your age are impossible. But you could be facing acid reflux, which causes chest and back discomfort (hence the burning pain) which causes you to panic since you have anxiety. So that panic causes the chest pain to persist. So thats one to think about.

If anyone knows what could be a cause of this, could you let me know? Its really distressing me. And I'll discuss it with the doctor next time I visit. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I think I can relate to you regarding your problem. Maybe your problem is you had an acid reflux our neurologist was correct with his opinion. You should consult a gastroenterologist. I had suffered the same 4 yrs. ago. But with Gods guidance it was manage. That chest pain you felt is actually a heart burn. And it results to heart palpitation because that was the same symptoms I had experience way back I had this disease un manage.  
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