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Chronic stress or depression?

I am wondering if my daily life stress could be causing my sudden severe headaches and muscle spasms in my neck,face/head.I have seen my doctor and my CT scan was ok. I have also been having symptoms of depression lately,,from life style changes etc...I know depression symptoms can also have effects on your body like headaches and muscle aches/spasms.Why do I feel so nervous and excited inside? I feel like I am having a panic attack when these headaches/muscle aches/spasms come on and I dont really know how to describe it!!! Any advice would be appreciated.
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I feel just like that if I get too hyper.  I have to be very careful about caffeine intake and such.  If you have started taking any decongestants or any medication that can have a stimulating effect (even though it usually has a sedating effect, but not in you), then you may need to reconsider taking that medication.  

You sound like you need more exercise to get rid of adrenaline.  I caution you to do it now before you start having problems.  I don't even want to worry you with issues that can come up if you stay in this anxious state too long.  Just start exercising and learning to relax.  Also, eat nutritious food and even take vitamin and mineral supplements.  
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Stress CAN be a potential cause of headaches. Especially if you have recently experienced any sort of big changes in your life (birth of a baby, loss of a loved one, change in diet, or even a change in your financial status, etc.). I, too, have headaches that come on suddenly and are extremely severe. For a while I was having them almost daily. CT scans came back clear. My regular doctor couldn't find a medicine or homeopathic remedy that worked. Granted, part of the time that I was going through that, I was pregnant with my son, so they had to be very careful with what they gave me. But after he was born, they still couldn't find anything that worked, so my doctor referred me to a neurologist who has finally found a treatment course that works for me.

I would suggest that, in addition to Caryopteris's suggestions regarding diet & exercise, if your primary doctor cannot find the cause of your headaches or find a proper treatment for them, ask if he/she can refer you to a neurologist. They specialize in this type of problem and may be able to not only treat if, but find the root of the problem and get rid of the problem altogether. Good luck!
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Thank you for the info and advice. I am trying some meditation therapy now,and relaxing music at bedtime to help me sleep so that my mind doesnt wander.Thanks again and have a great day.
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Thank you so much for the advice,I hadn't thought about my diet maybe causing my headaches.I also am switching to decaf coffee so maybe caffeine wont be an issue.Thanks again and have a blessed day.
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A caution about decaf coffee:  It's not that they remove caffeine from regular coffee, as I understand it.  They use a particular bean that is very low in caffeine.  The kind of coffee that does not have much caffeine has the odd effect of raising cholesterol.  Regular coffee does not tend to do this, so if your cholesterol starts going up, it's the decaf.  

If you could have just one cup of coffee and then have green tea, this is a very healthy combination.  A new study says the combo lowers stroke risk.  Very good!
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