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Cluster of small blister like bumbs on my lower lip

I about a couple days ago after being outside in the hot weather, the next day I relized that I had a couple blister like bumbs on my lower lip. I thought it had something to do with being out in the sun. After I noticed them I could leaved them alone so i tried to pop them thinking if I did that they would go away. well it didn't clear liquide came out and they became sore like, so i started useing salt water cause it seemed to help but its still looks like a sore on my lip. I'm just waoundering what it is and how do I get ride of it? please help me understand what this possibly could be.
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It sounds like you had a sun blister and popped it which could've infected, if not irritated it badly which is why it is still there. I would recommend using abreva or vaseline on it and just keeping it moistened, definitely STOP picking at it, I know it's easier said then done, but try. I would try everytime you want to pick to put on chapstick, vaseline or something. If you don't start seeing improvement within the next coupl of days, I would recommend seeing your primary care physician bc you may need antibiotics.

Take care, hope your sore goes away!

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Sounds like maybe Herpes? They make over the counter creams to help - but there is no cure. I'm sure if you went to see your doc, they could confirm and then give you advice. I guess it could also be contact dermititis?? I use Abreva to make my cold sores go away.
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Sounds like you have a cold sore. Sounds ridiculous, since it was brought out by the heat right? lol. It is a form of herpes simplex. Do not freak out, many people have this strain. It can be passed by kissing, sharing lipsticks, etc. It can be triggered by stress and or heat. The best medicine on the shelf (but costs about 20 bucks) is called Abreva. It helps the sore heal faster. I always keep some on hand. You can usually feel when one is coming. The area gets tingly or itchy. But if you start applying the medicine from the start..it usually never takes full shape and goes away very quickly.
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oh..and do not squeeze the little bumps! The fluid that comes out is highly infectious and you do not want to spread it to other areas. Keep it dry and medicated. Sorry, I know they are ugly and make you feel yucky...but next time you will know what is going on and how to handle it so the break-out is not so bad.
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