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Constant feeling of stress, even when I don't really have anything to stress about?

Hi guys. I'm a female in my mid-teens. For the past 7-8 months, I've been having virtually non-stop stress and I'm for a reason as to why this is happening to me. My level of stress often fluctuates, however I can always feel like I'm in the distinct state of distress. It's become more difficult for me to focus on various tasks, I get very easily overwhelmed by simple things, and I've noticed that I've become very low-energy and procrastinate often (among other symptoms).

Originally I thought that school was the thing that was stressing me out, which is partially true due to having to finish schoolwork and similar things. However, now that summer vacation has begun, I still don't feel relaxed at all. No matter what 'relaxing' activity that I do, I don't seem able to shake off the stress.

Before I go on, I think it's important to mention that I have NOT been diagnosed with any illnesses, mental or otherwise (I've never visited a doctor on anything I'm talking about), so the following is based on my totally unqualified observations. I think it's possible that this 'stress' may be connected to some anxiety. I often avoid specific social and public situations because that make me extremely anxious. Tests and other high stress circumstances also heighten my anxiousness (symptoms also include heavy chest, more sweating, feeling of fear, and some more). Depression is perhaps a possibility, however I'd have to exaggerate a lot of symptoms to fit the description.

Now, this is probably going to sound a bit odd but the only thing that I've found to momentarily relieve my stress is crying. This leads me to think that it's possibly hormone related (I mean, if crying is as related to hormones as I think it is). However I don't seem to experience a difference in stress when I'm my period.

Anyways, thank you for reading through this garbage and perhaps replying.
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Good Afternoon,

It would be smart to visit a doctor to find out if it could be hormonal, or even something else. Has there been any major changes in your life recently? I know that for me sometimes it takes me a while to accept a major change, and even when I think I am ok, my body is acting otherwise.

Also keep in mind that you would want to find activities to get your mind off of everything that is going on in your life. For me I go hiking and stay in the woods, I turn off my phone and try my hardest to just leave all worries and cares behind. I will be praying for you...also please dont be so hard on yourself we all go through stuff at times, and that stuff isnt garbage it is normal. We also all need help at times.

Take Care,
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You sound a lot like myself at a younger age. I can tell you what helped me and hopefully there will be some useful information in there for you. I used to have terrible stress to wear I'd leave books and items in the fridge or even do things and not remember doing them, like washing my clothes. My parents are also a rather stressful bunch. I often felt like no matter what I did it wasn't good enough in their eyes. I was always so stressed and two main things helped. First I now write everything down in a schedule book I carrying with me. Any time anything comes up of importance I write it down. Sometimes I even write a note a few days earlier in the book to remind myself of what's to come. Or if I'm super stressed I find organizing things helps. The second thing was forcing myself in uncomfortable situations. I used to avoid things like even going to the grocery store as I had days I just didn't want to speak with people. Find out what is your biggest issue and force yourself in it. For example, I was afraid of talking to strangers on phones so I forced myself into volunteering as a Caseworker. I needed a lot of help and was honest about my fear with the woman training me, but I beat the fear. Also, remember that not everyone is out to get you. Hope this helps.

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