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Debating Pharmacy School

I'm currently a senior in high school considering pharmacy school. How difficult was pharmacy school? And now that you're a pharmacist-do you have time for family and downtime? Or do you find yourself more stressed than most? I'm getting really mixed reviews on pharmacist's stress levels, family life, etc. Thanks so much!!
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Hi Laur!

I attended the PharmD program in Philadelphia, PA. How difficult was pharmacy school? Well, for me, I was so interested in the science that I found it more exciting than hard. I will say it takes alot of time when rotations begin, but overall totally worth it! The starting salary is high, (Retail pays alot more than hospital), Time...well, I guess it would differ with each job. My job which is Monday thru Friday at a hospital, 7:30-4 and one weekend per month. I have time to get home to my children, vacation, plan events in my family, etc. I wouldn't change a thing in choosing this as my career.

Hope this helps even a little!
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I agree that right now it is a good field to go into but it may get increasingly hard to get a job later but I'm not certain about this. The pharmacists use more and more technicians to help but the pharmacists are very helpful in answering quesitons about drugs than the physicians are. Since GP's are in short supply perhaps they won't cut pharmacists. So I hope it stays a lucrative career as it has been. I'm not a pharmacist but am a clincial microbiologist and I enjoy working with the doctors, pharmacists and other staff at the hospital. I think you get paid more at a store pharmacy than a hospital because I would think it would be more interesting to work in a hospital. I don't know the exact pay but Clinical Lab scientist have a B.S. degree and one year internship while pharmacists have a B.S. and two years intership. Then both fields have to pass a board exam. I am certain my field gets paid a lot less than a pharmacist. If you are interested in it I would persue it. A nurse practitioner or PA might also interest you if you want hands on type of work.
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As a RN, I have respect for the pharmacists.  They are very bright individuals, at least the ones that work in the hospitals.  That being said, hospital positions are few and getting fewer.  Do you really want to spend your day counting pills, dealing with insurance companies,  and filling hundreds of the same prescriptions everyday? That is what today's pharmacists do.
Have you ever thought of being a nurse. Everyday is different, exciting, demanding, challenging, and rewarding. Raising a family is always challenging but in nursing there are so many opportunities you can pick your specialty and schedule.  You just want to want to be there.
Good luck in finding your dreams!
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