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how do i get rid of depression?
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there is med u can get just have tofind whats right for u dont give up on tryin there is many out there can take a long time to find right now
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There is never one clear cut way to completely rid yourself of depression. Depression is hard. My father had it and my boyfriend currently suffers from it. First you need supportive people in your friend  group or family that will be there for you and understand where you are coming from. That can be of huge help. Meds also do help but you have to find the right one for you that wont give you a bunch of side effects. Lastly you have to ackowledge your feelings. when you are sad or mad think about why you feel that way. dont try to hide the way you feel because it will only eat away at you more. Think about whats bothering you, think about ways to resolve it and maybe write online or in a journal. The main thing is to get the feelings out of you.
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Reach inner peace!

Just sit at home let in all the light, and put on this song as loud as you can bear - "Pumped Up Kicks" by "Foster The Peopl" - even if you can bear the song put it on and RAVE!!!! I did it and my depression went away after doing this every efternoon for about a week, and my depression was really bad (self harm, suecide atempts...) and now I just feel so pumped up :D

Please try, hope it helps :3
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There's different types of depression- there's chemical and situational. However separating them is not always easy. Chemical depression [when your mind cannot reason and think clearly] requires some kind of drug balancing intervention. There are different types of antidepressants SSRIs, SNRIs, tricyclics, MAOIs, and so on. These can be a good stepping stone to help you begin to get back on track and begin functioning at a better level.
However, if it's more of life circumstance conflict, it might be better to go see a therapist and address the negative people, situations and emotions that you are experiencing- and you will learn how to retrain your way of thinking, be able to vent excess frustration, identify unhealthy behavior patterns etc.
You can start at your gp [general prac] and get a referral. However, if none of these are appealing, you can try support groups [online or in person], acupuncture, massage therapy, supplements, more holistic approaches to rebalancing the body.
I hoped this helped- Take care!!
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