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Gagging Reflex /Exposure to An Animal Carcass

Today a dead rotting carcass of a very large Raccoon was removed from under the condomium we rent. The carcass was in a pool of collected water in the crawlspace under the house. The pool of standing water is still there.

The smell here has been like living in an open sewer or worst. There is also strong mold and mildew smells, mixxed with the other dead carcass smells.  We moved in here a month and a half ago, when it was warm to I kept the windows open but as soon as the weather got colder here in Oregon, I had to close the windows and with the rains, the stench was overpowering.

Five hours after they removed the carcass, I am still gagging as I can still smell some of the odor. I had a similar gagging experience when I was doing caretaking for my elderly mother and I had to change her diapers. I usually do not gag easily.

I also have been feeling ill , scratchy throat , congestion  and flu like symptoms. My doctor made me an appointment with an allergist.

I read on the CDC that if you smell rotting eggs and there is a carcass in standing water present in a building that you should avoid the gases and leave.

So my questions:
1. Is the gagging purely psychological? Or is my body trying to protect me?
2. Is my family living in a hazardous condition being exposed to the fumes, molds and mildews from the fetid standing water underneath our living spaces?

Please advise.
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Everyone feels the same way you do Susan,  it isn't an indication of a disorder or extreme stress.  What  you are describing is disgusting to everyone.    Gross that you had to share it,  I'm about ready to gag myself from reading it.

Next we can all talk about maggots or something.  : (

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I know this may sound funny, but you may want to contact your local authority that deals with disposal of roadkill---you can only imagine what they come in contact with---and ask them about the best way to get rid of that kind of an odor and/or any concerns. I think usually the state dept of transportation or highway services handles that, or possibly sanitation services. You may also want to contact your local city/county health dept. about any concerns regarding your building's contamination. Yeah, most of us can't stand any of that kind of stuff, but the people who deal with it on a regular basis are to be really appreciated for their work. As for the gag reflex, I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you find it getting in the way of your regular day to day life.
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if there is mild or mildew in the house it can make you deathly sick. i would talk to the person you are renting from.
good luck to you and i hope you feel better
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You may very well have mold and other harmful toxins that (if unremoved) could cause you serious health problems. Last year my boyfriend had a water mame break in his bathroom and a slow leak occurred (underground) that we did not detect for 4 months- All the while I had been breathing in toxic mold and I developed "bronchial asthma" symptoms (which I was diagnosed and treated for) My symptoms worsened on the medication I was prescribed (because we still did not know we had a mold issue) I got so sick I came down with pneumonia, lost 15 pounds (and I was only 115 pounds to begin with)  I felt like I was dying. When we finally realized we had a mold problem it took 3 weeks to eradicate the odor and the damaged carpeting and flooring. (mind you, this was found in the back of a closet that was never used)  Anyway, at least you know where and what the problem is- now it is up to you to call a mold specialist in your area. They are in the yellow pages and appartently there is no shortage of them (as there is no shortage of mold!)  I hope this is of some assistance to you.

Best of luck!
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