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Help, secret was revealed

Wasn't too sure what category this falls under but  this situation has made me really stressed. I am a 23 male healthy. When i was younger i fondled with another male because i was curious. However that was years ago. So Sunday my friends and I were watching the game and they decided it would be a good time for them to prank me. So my best friend texted me pretending to be a quote on quote "girl" that i have met 2 weeks ago at a bar. I kept asking who it was and wasn't too sure but also was in fear that it would be the same male that i messed around with. So it was an annoying guessing game. Thinking that it was who i thought it was i texted this mysterious number back "I just figured out who you were Anthony look i understand why your texting me but i cant man i have a girlfriend and im done with that life style i really appreciate you not bothering me but i'm really trying to change my life around" so then my friend pulled me aside away from everyone else and said it was him fooling around and what was that text about ? Pretty much he suspects im gay but im not im def neterosexual and this was a really embarrassing and awkward moment. What should i do ? should i continue to deny ? shrug and act like that never happened ? or should i lie to make it seem like it was really nothing like that ?
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In truth most young men have at least thought about the subject you describe. Since your friend came to you in confidence after your reply, as opposed to embarrassing you in front of your other friends he will more than likely drop it if you do. We all have things in our past we wish we could change, and the key is not to let one event guide your life.
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Thank you for your advice. So I should just let it go and don't talk about it again ?
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That's what I would do.
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You don't have to justify yourself to anyone for who you are/were.
It doesn't affect their lives in anyway.

But if you think you should say something, just tell them that it was a while ago, and it's not who you are anymore and that you have moved on from it and so should they.

OR, since I'm a sarcastic person, I deal with things with more humor than anything, I would play up to their suspicions and play a joke on them.

but, that's just me.

whatever you decide to do is your decision. but just know that if they are gonna make a big deal out of something that happened a while ago and had/has no affect on their lives, then they are the sad person with nothing better to do.
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You haven't done anything wrong either just ignore it or if your still worried laugh it off and just say that fooled you as if you was playing the prank

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