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I have set a keypad lock on my mobile phone and I use it so often that I type my password to unlock my keypad almost 10 to 15 times a day. I have had the same password for more than 4 months, so I know the password very well because I use it many times a day, everyday for the last 4 months.
Recently, one fine day, I didn't seem to remember the password. I tried every single combination that I could, but I still couldnt re-collect the 5 digit password that I had used almost 15 times everyday for the last 4 months. I couldnt remember at all! Is this normal? It took me a couple of hours to remember the code. I have been going through trememdous stress of late but I am young and healthy with no physical problems and I am not on any medications. I am 22 years old. I am shocked that this could happen.

And almost 2 weeks after that incident, I forgot the password to my Gmail account and I feel exactly the same, because I log into my email almost 10 times a day by typing in the password, and I have had the same password for over 6 months! How could I forget it?

Please help. I am worried about what is happening. Thank you very much.
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It's normal - I do it... everyone blanks sometimes.  If it becomes a recurring problem, bring it up with your doctor.

I find that when I type or use my password often, it's not a matter of memorizing the password, but memorizing the rhythm of the typing or the keystrokes. Then when I try to think,"oh my password is this____" I totally blank on it.  It's definitely worse when I'm stressed... Make sure you're getting lots of sleep, and make sure you're eating.  If you continue to feel forgetful you can talk to your doctor, but he'll probably try to medicate you, and that may or may not help. Your best bet?  Relax... stop panicking and try not to stress.  The more panicked or anxious you get, the more difficulty you'll have.

Meditating, reading, long relaxing baths... try to do SOMETHING that will help you relax and de-stress. :)  Keep us posted!
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I also, do sometimes forgot my password, because of a dozen password that I had to remembered like emails, paypals, etc. remembering them are just very confusing, keeping password that are too many, can cause these confusion or problems, so my advise is just keep only one password for every account so you wouldn't forget. Already did it to all of my accounts and I never had a problems retrieving my passwords anymore.

Then after that, you can change your password bit by bit, if you know that you can handle more password. Goodluck!

Here's a few "How to create a Password you can remember":

1.Develop a Truly Random Password and Use a Mnemonic Device

    * Use software or, less reliable but usually effective enough, simply jot down letters and numbers as they come to your mind.

      Focus on each letter of the password. A way to remember a randomized, assigned difficult password, like "tthertd" can be simple and fun. Think of a sentence where there is one word beginning with each letter of the password, for example, "tthertd" could be "terrible tigers have every right to drive."


Develop an Algorithm

    * Take the name of the website and then add the last four digits of a friend's home phone number to the end. (Don't use your own phone number, since a clever hacker could try the same algorithm in a dictionary attack.) The password for wikiHow might be "wikiHow4588". This is by way of example only because it is too easy for others to figure out but you would add your own personal twist. Maybe you would spell wikihow backwards. The more steps in your algorithm, and the more unpredictable each step is, the more secure your password.


Combine the Best of You

    * Choose a favorite number (or two), a favorite word (or two), a favorite symbol (or two). Add the first one (or two) symbols that come to mind when you see the website address or the most prominent words on the sign-in page. Choose an order and put them all together into one long string (for example, four and crazy and _ could change into four_crazy or _crafourzy)


Remove the Vowels

    * Take a word or phrase and remove the vowels from it (for example, "eat the cheeseburger" becomes "tthchsbrgr").


Use the Keyboard

    * If your password doesn't use the Q, A, or Z, you can hit the key to the left of your password. Or to the right if you don't use the P, L, or M. 'Speedracer' goes to both sides, but 'wikiHow' can become 'qujugiq' or 'eolojpe'. Shifting things up a key, choose left or right. 'wikiHow' becomes '28i8y92' or '39o9u03'. Shifting up and to the left is slightly more intuitive. Adding the other security measures afterwards is all trivial.


Combine Small Words

    * Combine. A smart way to develop an easy to remember password is to combine three small words to make a single password. For example, you can use "howstopyes" or "earpengold". If you want an even easier to remember password, you can use words that are related to each other like "yesnomaybe". Be aware, however, that this is much less secure! It adds more security to capitalize the first letters of the different words: "ballzonecart" becomes "BallZoneCart".


Connect the first letters

    * Develop a password using the first letters of a sentence or phrase that means something to you - like your national anthem or a slogan you have seen somewhere. 'Don't shop for it, Argos it' would become DsfiAi.


Use an Image Based Password

    * Use "Pixelock.com" to upload a sequence of personalised images and then generate and regenerate a secure password by clicking on remembered points in the images.


Use a Password Manager

    * Use a password manager, such as "PasswordSafe", "Roboform" or "PassPack" to generate random passwords and then secure them using one master password.


Mix Words

    * Choose two words and combine their letters to create the password, choosing one letter of the first word and one letter of the second word, and repeating this until you get to the last letter of each word. An example could be:

        Words: house & plane
        Password: hpoluasnee



    * Do not use any of the passwords listed above. Because they have been listed here, they are now visible to the world.
    * Don't use common words and numbers as your password.
    * When using numbers only, make sure the sequence is completely random and has no importance. It's best not to use any number that is a matter of record, such as phone, address, and Social Security numbers.
    * Do not use the same password for several logins, especially if they involve sensitive financial or other personal information.
    * Do not rely on replacing letters with numbers for security. Password cracking programs break these passwords as easily as the words themselves.
    * Do not simply combine two or more dictionary words even if you think they are rare. Many password crackers try combinations of dictionary words first.
    * When registering on websites that ask for your email address, never use the same password as you do for your email account.
    * If for some reason you write down your password, make sure you burn the sheet of paper where it was written. You might think it's safe if you discard it, but what if someone decides to dumpster dive when looking for your password?


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Hi M_Pounce,

Thanks for your reply.

My problem is a little more than just passwords. I have too many things on my mind that I feel blocked out or stressed out most of the time. I have enough and more stress on my head that I could probably lend a little to every human on the planet and still have some left for me.
I wouldn't have posted on this forum if I did not find it weird. But to be honest, I am a little worried about myself now. Over the last few days -

I had forgotten a couple of times that I hadnt had breakfast/lunch..

I had won a gift voucher and forgotten to redeem it..

I had kept food in the oven and forgotten that I was to eat it..it lay there for a few hours till my sis took it out..

I left the tap running..forgot to close it..

I had undressed ..forgetting to lock my bedroom door while doing so..

I left the car lights on..

I drove to work forgetting the keys at home..

I took a wrong exit on my way back home.. (what was I thinking)

I had taken an important card from a file and kept it somewhere safe..I cant find it now..

Spent close to 20 seconds trying to recollect my office number..

Its wonderful how I remember some stuff that I had forgotten to mention them to you now, but I wonder how many more I would have missed. I hope you understand how I am feeling now..

I dont remember when I got my periods last month..I have been trying my BEST to think and recollect..staring at the calender but I just dont seem to remember the date!

Today is 15th December..I remember that I went to the mall on friday..but which friday was it..10th December or 3rd December? My mom got back from a vacation THIS week..was she back on sunday (12th Dec) or monday (13th Dec)? I almost have tears in my eyes as I am typing this...I am feeling really miserable at the moment..

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Sweety - can you take a vacation from work? Seriously, you need to destress. You're burning out. :(
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Hi dave909,

Thank you for your reply as well. I appreciate your suggestions and I would definitely keep them in mind while setting a password next time.

My problem is a little more than just password. I have posted a little more info about my situation in my reply to M_Pounce, please do read it and get in touch if you have something for me.

I would like to add, to both you and M_Pounce, that I have always had a wonderful memory..and I have a pretty impressive academic record as well. I havent made any major blunders at work..(so far!)..but I am currently facing a tough time..I feel a little detached from whatever I am doing..I seem to forget the most simplest of things. I feel like its gone from my memory. I dont know......I dont know how to tell you but I feel like I dont remember stuff and its pretty bad trying to re-collect what I did two days back.

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I wish that was possible dear, but I dont think it would work out.
I didnt go to work today..I told them I was sick... but I might have to go tomorrow...

Is this due to stress? Or am I suffering from some kind of amnesia like the kinds you see in movies??
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Hell yeah, that can be stress related! ( And I don't need your stress, I got plenty of my own!!!!!!!  My poor fingers have been gnawed down to nubs.)

There's only so much you can do at once before you're just going to start blanking. What you're describing sounds EXACTLY how I feel RIGHT NOW. And that totally just reminded me I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow scheduled at the same time as an ATI exam. Brilliant.

The anxiety you're feeling is not helping either.  There is also a possibility of depression. Take  deep breath, and head to your doctor for anti-anxiety meds. If you don't like that route, you can try St. John's Wort.  Don't bother with ginko bilboa, it's been discredited.  Ease up on your caffeine intake.  Drink plenty of water and lean meats.  Salmon and chicken are your best bets when it comes to the protein of choice (something in Salmon is also supposed to help with memory and cognitive function).  And a multi-vitamin.  Oh, and magnesium... I found that was helpful.  

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. I'd really suggest a vacation. A time to reset. If you can't get a vacation, try taking a five minute vacation in your mind.  Close your eyes, and turn EVERYTHING out.... imagine walking down a beach, or through a forrest. Quiet, peaceful.  Focus on JUST that for five minutes.  

Any kind of steroids or stimulants will only exacerbate your feelings and the scatteredness of your thoughts. (Perfect example - prednisone ::shudders::).

I'm *not* saying your fears are not legitimate.  Stress CAN do this to you. Stress can give you unremitting diarrhea and increased acid production.  In conversion disorders, people take their stress and manifest it in *physical symptoms* like blindness and paralysis!!

If you really have so many responsibilities on your plate that you cannot take a vacation, perhaps building a support circle to help you when you need it is a good idea? Reach out to your loved ones, friends, neighbors, local churches.  You're not mighty mouse, you're not wonder woman - there are people who can some responsibility off your shoulders. More importantly, you are not alone.

If you _still_ feel like you're forgetting far far too much and you don't think you really have a good reason, you can always talk to your doctor.  
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Thanks for your wonderful answer. I am sorry for my late reply.
I wish I had taken de-stressing more seriously...

I got involved in a car accident. It was my fault. I lost concentration for a few seconds thinking about only god-knows-what. No loss of lives or injuries, but this is something I really didnt want at this point in life.

The problem continues. Its more a depression+stress+anxiety feeling. Along with forgetting stuff, I am also losing focus & concentration and getting angry or depressed easily. Irregular sleep. Dark eye circles. Loss of appetite. Mood swings. Terrible PMS, Hair Fall. Weight Loss.

I will try to follow the dietery advice you gave me. I have zero caffeine or alcohol consumption and I dont smoke, I drink plenty of water. I eat less :- loss of appetite.
Will try to include Salmon as you mentioned, and Multi-vitamins.

Is excercising good for de-stressing? What do you say about running/jogging? I weigh only 51 Kgs and I am afraid that I would lose weight if I run...Any suggestions?

Is there anything else that I can do without having to take medications for depression and stress?
I had always been emotionally strong and mentally cool but I dont know how I lost the Old Me.
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Exercise is fantastic for destressing!  If you start running, make sure you increase your carbs :)  I know you're not hungry, but you'll definitely need it.

"I had always been emotionally strong and mentally cool but I dont know how I lost the Old Me. " <-- You are the old you!!!  With just a little more added.  More life experiences. More tragedy. More happy memories.  More everything.  It's OKAY to feel unhappy.  It's okay to be overwhelmed and stressed and unfocused right now. It WILL PASS. I promise. It's not going to be instantaneous, but it will get better. Bit by bit.

The car accident may have been a blessing if it gives you the opportunity to focus just on you for a bit.  

ALSO - I would suggest having your thyroid levels checked.  Most people with hypothyroidism tend to gain weight, but it's not always the case.  AND, get in touch with your doctor and ask to have your serum vitman levels checked.  Maybe it's not just depression and stress?  Sometimes vitamin deficiencies can make it harder to cope!  

Talking here can help, but I find human contact the most soothing and mentally strengthening pick me up.  Do you have a friend who will LISTEN?  If not, what about a pastor or priest? Coworker or colleague?  Sister or brother? Parent or child?   Does your job offer EAP (Employee Assistant Program) services?  It's a free to you service that lets you work with a counselor to manage life issues - whether it's organizing yourself, dealing with an unruly child, or finding someone to just LISTEN for a few minutes.  I've used my company's services before and I gotta say it was WONDERFUL. It helped me a lot.  The counselor helped me realize it's okay to tell people NO. AND helped me practice it :D

I didn't realize how young you were. 22 to 25 were hard hard hard years for me.  Your body is doing more wonky crap with it's hormones. If you're not on birthcontrol now, try going on it - it may help control some of your mood swings.


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That is great advice Pounce:O)

I also wanted to add one more thing about birth control..if you are on one, it could also be that causing alot of your problems.  I took depo-provera when I was your age sz12345
and it caused me alot of havoc..lost a considerable amount of weight and I was already thin too (there are your vitamin deficiencies) and had migraines like you couldn't imagine every afternoon w/out fail..was very moody  (hubby says a *****..haha) I had a number of things going on all because of my birth control.  Had CT-Scans, all kinds of tests..and this is what it turned out to be.  I stopped the birth control and still had problems for several months as that shot stays in your system a while.  Miserable time.

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