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How can I block stressful thoughts?

I am 19 years old, and for a long time I have had a major problem with my thought process.  For a while I just thought it was normal, but I have come to believe it must be pathological.  I just can't seem to stop negative or distracting thoughts from popping up in my head.  Mostly it's memories of silly little things, like minor arguments with people that make me feel terrible when, at the time, they were only annoying; or else it's memories of major embarassment that make me feel so ashamed that I physically flinch just at remembering them.  

Sometimes, though, it's a sort of fearful fantasy that somebody or other will start a nasty argument with me, or will attack me or steal my things.  Other times it's like a movie of all the bad things that could happen if I do something (like when I think about attractive girls I know, I will tend towards "fantasizing" about her rejecting me, even though I know this isn't good for me or what I want).  Sometimes it's benign, but the situation makes it bad; I find it hard to concentrate when masturbating, for instance.  Thoughts that have nothing to do with sex - like the fact that I have a doctor's appointment soon, or some fact a professor in class stated that I knew was wrong, or some stupid memory or argument that has nothing to do with my fantasy; and of course this often kills the mood.  

I just have so much clutter going on in my head, but I can't find a way to just purge it all and be clear-headed.  Is there something I can do to stop this, and to get clear-headed again?  It's debilitating, particularly sexually (when I can't stop myself from thinking of the previous times my erection has failed, for instance, it inevitably fails again, and as such my sex life is miserable and quasi-nonexistant), but also in general - getting along with some people is difficult when I constantly remember and agonize over small arguments or comments, and concentrating on my work is very hard when there are silly little things flitting through my head.  What can I do to gain control over my brain?  How can I censor what stuff shows up uncalled for like that?
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Honey your problem is you think a lot.
A lot of people think a lot but you seem to think negatively. Just ask yourself whenever you think negatively that why am I thinkin like that ?  Why will anyone come & argue with me or why any girl will just reject me ? WHY ? Whats the reason ? Whenever you get things like that in your head have a conversation in your head make a imaginary positive person in your head who'll fight with the negative one. Whenever you get stuff like that in your head make that positive person pop out to protect you like in movies theres an angel =)
Negative person will make you feel bad for eg. that girl is goin to reject me POP ! Positive Person : Why will she reject me ? Am a cool dude, am educated, my hair looks good & I got good looks. You've to be confident.
People annoy you annoy them back so that they'll no its pointless to annoy him because he never gets upset instead he annoys back.
Negative thinkin makes negative things happen so stop thinking like that. Its basically Devil dancin in your head all the time you've to tell him & your negative thinkin that they dont own your life & the way you think.
Being positive sometimes makes you disappointed but its better than threathenin yourself every minuate. Everythin happens for a reason we may get upset at that time but later we'll know why that bad thing happend.
Take life a surprise dont think whats gona happened next all the time clear your head surprise yourself.
I hope I helped.
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Fariha89 gave you great advice. You should continue to get support on here, and on the anxiety forum as well. There are many people who experience the same thing you are experiencing, and you can get better too! Take care :)
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I have the same problems, mine are due to my ADD (attention deficit disorder). I'm not saying that that is absolutly what you have but, ADD has a higher chance of going undiagnosed compared to ADHD (what with the hyperactivity and all).
I have a hard time controling my thoughts because I am unable to concentrate on what I'm supposed to (also explaines problems in sex).

Here are some of the symtomes of ADD that I have:
-Extreme distractibility or wandering attention.
-Poor listening skills, hard time remembering and following directions.
-Have addictive tendencies.
-Hard time managing feelings.
-Frequent distractions during sex.
-An attitude of "read the directions when all else fails"
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You are stating a problem that I also have and had to overcome but lose some control when i am sleep deprived or really really really stressed out, its a combination of borderline personality disorder AND ADD which makes you a complete mess, please make a appointment with your psychiatrist and psychologist as soon as possible or get you assigned to you as soon as possible because your about to reach a point in life that you need to have a lot of real life **** done and you have to live independent. Due to life's situations you better get help or you will find yourself in trouble.
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