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How do I deal with the stress caused by the environment that I am living in?

I am 15 and I live at home with my Mom,Dad,Sister,and her 4 Year old son. My mother and father do not stress me out at all,however my sister is 24 and still lives at home with us with her child.All she does is yell at him and in my honest opinion she is a really bad mother.She doesn't know how to take care of a kid and all she does is yell and get angry and then when anybody tries to help her or give her tips or anything on being a better parent she just pushes us or them away and runs away from her problems. She just doesn't understand how to handle or deal with problems and it's all stressing me out just having her around.We have tried to kick her out because ever since she has gotten out of school she has been told that eventually she will have to move out.However,my parents always seem to let her come back so that her child doesn't have to suffer from her own lack of motivation and passion.I just wish I could help her understand that she needs to be a better parent and adult for her kid and that there are ways to do that.She just never listens and keeps making her own life worse.
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Think about the child.  If she moves out with him, what is he in for?  Yelling and a bad mama without the buffer of your parents to help.  So, it's in that 4 year old's best interest to stay in your house.  

But do talk to your parents about your stress.  Perhaps they can work with your sister to get her emotions under control, to help her find a parenting class, etc.  

Buy some quality noise reduction head phones too.  I swear my boys would not notice the house being sucked up in a tornado when they have those one.  It blocks things out.  Try soothing music in your room.  And learn from your sister's mistakes so you don't act that way when you are a parent.

But your parents probably fear for your nephew and don't want to make him leave and be strictly in your sister's care. There is a bigger picture here.   good luck
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