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I feel sleepy only when i try to read my school work

Hi, I feel sleepy only when I try to read my School work. If I read something else online or do something else then
I don't feel sleepy at all. This has been ongoing for several weeks now. I really need help as it is affecting my studies.

I have tried countless tips but none have helped :(. What I've tried include: Sleeping for 9 hours, fixing my body clock
by sleeping and waking up at the same time for 4 days, walking for 30 minutes straight, doing work in an uncomfortable
place, listening to music while studying etc. but none have helped :(.

I do eat unhealthy like regularly although I think I'm fit and healthy. Also I do think that eating unhealthy is a factor but I think
it's not a major factor and that there is a more major one that I'm unsure off since before I used to eat unhealthy regularly too
and this did not occur.

I can't do exercise because of current conditions although I can just walk as an option. Also, I cannot eat healthy all the time.

I think exercise could be a factor since I'm mainly at home and never go outside although I think i'm fit and healthy so yeah.

I don't think it's boredom since I actually like the course I'm studying and before it didn't happen when I was studying it.

I do think it might be stress after reading from an article which mentioned that if your stressed then whatever you brain
finds stressful, it will avoid by making you feel sleeping as an example. I have been stressed for months or more although
I'm not really sure if it's the cause of my sleepiness and if i'm actually stressed or not and to what point.

For example, say it's stress and I've been stressed for 5 months. To fully relieve this stress, do I need to do stuff for 5 months
or does it depend on how stressed I am, the duration and the activity I'm doing to relieve stress?

I really need helpful advice as this is affecting my studies and also I cannot get help from a local doctor
as my parents are not taking me there since they think that It's just an excuse or something minor.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the help I can get.
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Two things come to mind:

1. See an endocrinologist who will test the functions of your hormones. One hormone is called cortisol is the body's stress hormone. This should be tested twice in the one day: at 8am and 5pm. You will get a result and can compare it to the "normal range".

You will get a lot out of your visit to the endocrinologist if you have the test beforehand as well as the results. Ask your family doctor to arrange that blood work. Ask if you have to fast for the 8am blood work.

2. When you read school work do you only get sleepy or does your mind wander. If it wanders then you may have an attention deficit issue, which is easily fixed.
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I have ADHD and and a bit of somatoform disorder when it comes to stress which expresses itself in either a migraine or more commonly nodding off or  brainfog. I have Lupus though so brainfog is a side dish to that disorder.  My physican ruled out chemical, nutritional and other physical factors first and then he put me on Ritalin which worked like a charm. It even helps me get better sleep at night because I'm not dozing all throughout the day. It helps my Lupus brain fog. I rotate between Ritalin and Modafinil  because I did not want to build a tolerance to Ritalin and Modafinil can be expensive depending on your copay. Ritalin is a class 2 controlled substance and anything controlled I just like to control and don't want my body getting too used to it. Not everyone has to do that but I have a family history of drug addiction which is why I chose to be more careful.  There are non stimulant ADHD medicines like Straterra but that stuff is WAYYYYY too expensive and a high side effect profile. I'm not a doctor just telling you what worked for me and recommend you explore all of your options. Ritalin gets a bad rep but its been around for 60 years and is generally well tolerated in lower doses. When I'm using it I only take it on days that I am in school or needing to work on a project requiring high analytical skills or when having a brain fog day. I never take ritalin on the weekends or on my off days. Because of how spare I am with using it I've managed to be able to stay on the smallest dose.
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There are over the counter stimulants that I have tried but I found they make my heart race like Red Bull. I've tried those 5 hour energy drinks and they dind't really do much for me but a natural remedy that helps is also Vitamin b12 dissolveables. If you want, before you go to the doctor check with your pharmacist. Let him/her know whats going on when you do schoolwork and see if they can recommend a congitive enhancer or a gentle stimulant
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Hi, my mind does wonder allot when I'm not doing school work
and I think it's more to do with stress than ADHD/ADD since I
don't think I have those.

I think my mind wanders when I'm doing a task that my brain
think is stressful therefore it begins to wonder in order to overcome
that stress in my opinion.

Also thanks for the info as I will be visiting my local doctor to hopefully
visit the endocrinologist. I've also had a blood test and all was fine except there was an infection noted from the blood test which I already knew about from the symptoms I've experienced.
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The key to visiting an endo is that he or she will look at an array of items which will be measured.

If your endo gives you a clean bill of health then the issue you have is somewhere else. You say "my mind wanders when I'm doing a task that my brain think is stressful therefore it begins to wonder in order to overcome
that stress in my opinion "

WHY does your brain think that?
Is it really stressful or did you in the past have a stressful experience and your brain is reliving it?

I suggest:

1. See the endo and have tests run
2. If the endo finds something noteworthy then take his or her advice
3. If the endo finds nothing out of the ordinary the ask him or her  who they suggest you see to investiagte if you have ADD or Anxiety or something similar.

One moves forward towards resolving symptoms by ruling things out one at a time.
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You mention you try to keep on the smallest dose. This is SO important so as not to become dependent on or to delay raising your dosage over time.
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