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I'm scared right now please answer quickly!

I'm 14 I know I'm not old enough to be on here but my parents would get furious if I asked them if they could take me to the hospital and get checked out. My parents took me to the hospital 1 week ago because of gastroenteritis, and if I asked them too take me to the hospital they would get angry. So I'll just ask you guys here. Today my right hand pinky started twitching and still is. I saw a lot of scary things saying that it can be an underlying serious problem. I drink a tea every morning I'm overweight for my age 210 to be exact. I tried looking for help all over the internet and nothing, people are always stating that their thumbs, index fingers, etc. Are twitching and nothing about a twitching pinky. My parents said it would go away by the morning so I'll update you guys tomorrow if it stopped or I woke up with it still happening. If someone has an answer or semi answer I'd be happy to hear it. Thank you for reading.
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I doubt your twitching finger and the gastroenteritis are related. Sometimes fingers or other body parts twitch randoml. One of the most common causes of twitching is overuse or muscle fatigue. Do you type a lot or use the mobile phone etc. a lot and use your little finger a lot for this or any other reason?

here's an article you can check out:

stay calm and don't worry!
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Yes,  the main thing is to stay calm. Sometimes turning your hand wrong,  or exertion from lifting or straining. If anything it may just be a nerve brought on by stress. Kind of like an eye twitch.
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I grew up with the same kind of stress and worries. Every little thing that happened to my body made me think something was seriously wrong and I had panic attacks all the time. The one thing I wish my parents had done for me was to take me to see a therapist for anxiety. I suffered with this anxiety about my health and other issues for half my life. After talking to a therapist, it has gone away almost completely. Please ask your parents to take you to a licensed therapist to help with this. I would hate for you to suffer as long as I did. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a therapist to get help. Some people don't like the thought of it and may try to tell you that you shouldn't see one but that is the wrong advice.
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