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Major rib pain

I have symptoms and I just have no idea what they are due to.  Most people I ask say stress or anxiety which could be very true but any way here's what they are. I get major pain in my upper rib area it's stabbing extremely uncomfortable pain that prevents me from doing anything for about an hour. I also get really warm.  The after affects sometimes are worse. I get very upset stomach (sometimes leading to vomiting) and my ribs stay very sore and I can't sleep for about a day. I'm 23 years old and slightly over weight. I just don't know how to deal with them when it happens . Should ZI take pain killers or is there soemthing more I oculd be doing to prevent them....any help would be so greatly appreciated.
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I have rib pain from Fibromyalgia, anxiety and wearing a C-Pap for sleep apnea.  There are a few illness that cause rib pain other than pulled muscles.  All you need to do is check the symptom RIB PAIN in webmd and see what most fits your symptoms.  Then see a doctor.  In the mean time try ice 10 min. every hour OR heat the same way OR alternate ice and heat if that works better.  Take ibeprophen like Advil -as directed -if you are able to take that. Best  wishes for a easy recovery.
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Thanks alot I'll definatly will have to try that!
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