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Panic Attack

I am male, 21 years old. My weight 60kg, height 165. My problem has begun since August. I first have just tried to smoke a cigarette from June until August. Even though, i wasn't professional neither heavy smoker. I smoked around 2 cigarettes a week. When I smoked, I puff the smoke from my mouth, then I smell it instead of inhaling. So, during that period, I never experienced persistence cough, cold & flu, heart racing, vomiting, less of appetite. However, I played soccer, and I felt lightheadedness, and I could continue to play within seconds. Also, I was drinking a lot of caffeine. I addicted caffeine more than eating a regular meal. So, in August 15th I experienced of feeling heart racing and shortness of breath, then the feeling has stopped in around August 28th after I took medicine for anxiety. However, for 10 days I have begun to feel left mild chest pain and left bicep pain. I visited a doctor in last weekend, he says you are fine there is no problem, it could be from stress or ribs. But, I always afraid that my heart gonna stop. I dream about my heart sometimes. I also, cry, and I afraid to stay alone , to drive a car for traveling, to hang out with friends that smoking weed or cigarette or hookah, because, when I smell or inhale one of those, I think that I will have heart disease. Otherwise, to be more specific, currently, I begun eating normal, going to the gym, trying to drink plenty of water, I am not drinking soda and never alcohol, because I am so concerned about my health. Last night before I sleep, I felt chest pressure on the center of the chest, and the feeling stopped in few seconds. I am still afraid, please help.
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Well, you could have some anxiety with some panic attacks.
Keep up the good new habits, add some magnesium chloride to your water, like 30 grams/Lt and sip it slowly throughout the day.
Do breathing exercises (go the normal breathing website
for free exercises) several times daily.
I'm glad your doctor did not prescribe any drugs.
Forget about weed, booze and hookah.
I understand the need to be one of the guys and do what they do, but the writing is on the wall. Your body can't take that.
There are plenty of other  healthier fun things you can do, perhaps not with the same people you used to hang out.

Try meditation and if you cannot get into it , you can get check YouTube meditation videos, but make sure you have good noise blocking stereo headphones.
Check out the ones using Binaural sounds to calm the mind, to sleep well, to solve problems etc.

Best wishes,
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I am here with the same case. I got many panic attacks in this year. Lots of chest pain and unlimited symptoms. This all due to anxiety. Anxiety and stress can do anything.
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