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Please give advise ASAP

My boyfriend is 28 years old and two years back he started having heart palpitation. He used to feel that something is moving behind he's eyes and his heart is beating irregularly. Doctors just mentioned he has a slight disfunction of heart valves and that no specific treatment is available for it. We are having very stressful life for last 2 months and last 1 week has been particularly very stressful due to personal reasons. He hasn't been able to sleep properly and stays very stressed. Today while coming back home he felt dizzy and said he felt brown spots infront of his both eyes and couldn't see things clearly thou he didn't loose complete conciousness. After resting at home he felt better but again he had the same feeling of spots infront of both eyes and the feeling passed away again in sometime. I am very tensed with this instance. Please advice what could be the reason of this happening and also please advise which specialist should we refer too or if any test need to be taken. Please reply at the earliest. Thank You.
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They should check his blood pressure (including orthostatic blood pressures and pulses).  He needs to get proper rest, so he may want to ask for a temporary prescription to help him sleep.  For the spots and dizziness, it also wouldn't hurt to see a neurologist and an opthamologist.
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The neurologist may want to order a brain scan and it wouldn't hurt to get a holtor monitor through a primary care doctor for the irregular heart beat to see if anything has changed.
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Get an MRI of the brain, and another of the chest as fast as posible, and at all cost, just do it, MRI will see all, CT scan not as effective, also an ULTRASOUND of the heart and a ULTRASOUND of the corotid arteries in the neck, if there is something life threatening, these are the test to rule out something very serious, Look at my post, you will see i have been there and done it all, there is also a ultrsound type test with die injection (safe) cant remember what its called, will let you know soon as if i dont get answere, will be my next test, try and get MRI over CT, CT loads you up with a lot of radiation, MRI works on magnetic imaging, so safe, as long as you have no metal implants, it will suck them out of you.
Unfortunately, there is no quick answere, you got to start from scratch, and find out the cause and root of the problem, sounds like a blockage of an artery, best to rule out for sure, rule out head chest and neck, you can breath some relief, then follow other avenues, could also be brain tumour, follow the steps, find out as quick as possible, you only get one life, also find it strange the GP saying theres nothing that can be done, how does the GP come to that conclusion if there has been no test done?  Amazing some GPs, get in get out, next patient please, keep the money rolling, but what about the people with shocking symptoms, realy amazing, hope you find the answere, follow the steps and you should have an answer, good luck, god bless
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I agree with John, shoot for an MRI of the brain, even if the doctor tries to foist a CT scan on you.  CT scan is supposed to be good for heads and costs less, but the radiation is not helpful and too many CT scans can increase cancer risk, I believe.    

It sounds like from your valve description that he got an echocardiogram in the past, but they will probably want to run another with a complete cardiovascular work-up, given his symptoms.  Making sure those carotid arteries are patent with a doppler ultrasound is a good idea John mentioned also.

  He needs to have stress reduction right away, and avoid caffeine.  Are you taking steps toward stress management?
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Thank John for advise...

Yes two years back he had been thru a series of test done... like ct scan.. his heart rate and pulse was monitored for some hours...also some other normal blood and urine test... He says he doesnt have blood pressure but yes i will ask him to check it more often now...Then doc just said there is no problem and he is just thinking it but heart is okie....

The second doctor he showed to 1.5 years back said problem was one of his heart valves was not closing fully like a gate remaining a little creack open causing irregular rythm of heart... doctor just asked him to live healthy and excercise thats it... and yes as i said gave him some anxiety tab before bed.

I will surely request him him to take another opinion... any suggestion of doctor in INDIA???
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Thanks for ur advice... Yes will try to see to it that he goes thru less stress.. my concern now has surfaced again as this was first and annoying occurance that his sight got hazzy and he felt dizzy and he saw brown spots from both eyes getting bigger. I personally feel it cant be something to do with eyes else he wudnt be able to see normal once the effect passed and also it wudnt happen to both eyes... Can any one give me more insight on this symptom as never heard of it much... can please someone describe what causes such things
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If he had no blood pressure, he would not be alive, so I hope he does have blood pressure!  But is it high, does it fluctuate widely from laying to standing, is it low?  Perhaps you mentioned the anxiety tab in a different post?  I don't see it in the one above.  Which of the heart valves had the problem and was the regurgitation on the report described as slight, mild or ?

I think there is at least one doctor who posts on Medhelp from India.  India is a rather large country, with many states, I believe, but it might be worth trying to ask one on here if they have a recommendation- here's one you might try asking:
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Had my MRI today, and may have found my answer, I will copy and paste from another post so dont have to type again, read it, and bypass all the other test, go straight for the MRI.

Prev 2 x CT scans head =  Neg result
Chest Ultrasound heart = Neg result
Neck Ultrasound of Corotid Arteries = Neg result
Chest X-RAYS (Many times)  = Neg Result
24 Hour urine test = Neg Result
Diabetic = Neg Result
CT scan of stomach and intestines with dye = Neg Result
Full blood count = Neg Result (Many times)

High strength MRI of brain, strength level 3Telsa Inconclusive of lightheaded symptoms, however slight abnormal imaging detected for a person of my age in one section, everything else normal.


There appear to be multiple scattered peripheral white matter hyperintensities in both cerebra hemispheres.  These appear to be more numerous than expected in a patient of this age.
Several focal lesions are present in the deep perietal white mater in the region of the optic radiation. There does not appear to be ant definative pattern to suggest demyelination.
No other structual change could be identified intracranially.
Underlying cause such as hypertension or other small vessel desease such as vasculitus would need to be considered.  Demyelination cannot be entirely excluded.  Clinical correlation and possible serial MRI evaluation may be helpful in further clarifying the diagnosis.

Well after so many test, may be onto something here, seen GP today armed with MRI and she is running more blood test to see if there is tiny viens being restricted, as the large arteries are fine and tested already.

Also had hearing test because of tinnitus, hearing is fine test says.

I asked GP is MRI a bad result, GP said MRI is saying maybe this, maybe that, but inconclusive realy, so lets rule out maybe this maybe that, thus the extra blood test.

I asked her if maybe something was happening whilst I was asleep, maybe we should do a sleep study, because i did my own test last night, test being...  I went to ED last night to find out test of MRI (couldnt wait for GP today) arrived at 10pm, didnt get seen till 7am in morning, (they ED wasflat out) so had plenty of people to chat with, and was armed with laptop to watch movies and laptop was linked to my Samsung Galaxy S 2 (AWSOME PHONE) so i could surf the internet,  so i was armed with plenty of entertainment and plenty of medical stories to listen to from other patients.
7am came, I was called, and im feeling pretty good, no lightheaded feeling at all, im chatting to everyone, enjoying the sunrise, i was seen and discharged and ED had MRI report faxed, ED says nothing in MRI explains light headed groggy feeling.
Go to GP with ED copy of MRI, this is about 10:30am and im feeling so good, even after not sleeping all night, little tired, but thats nothing to the lightheadedness, groggy lazy feeling, anyway, totally feeling great, got out of GP about 12 midday, got home, fell asleep in afternoon, woke up at 10pm, and bang, same old lightheaded groggy feeling, interesting!
GP kicked me out after I explained my concept saying I am wearing her out, I am expecting to much to soon, she said go home now and sleep, I tried LOL. So now i have to wait for blood test to come back, and GP also said, next visit we are going to talk about smoking, so enjoy them while you can, next visit its time to quitt, not a heavy smoker but over them anyway so will enjoy next visit, hopefully she has a way for me to stop, they are so dear in Australia $15 to $20 for pack of 25 (RIP OFF) and with a 2 yro daughter, another comming in 4 weeks, Im determined to say the least.
One good thing, I dont drink or take drugs, so once the sigs are over, pretty much toxin free.

To be continued and will let all know results, I think everyone here should have an high strength MRI with contrast (I didnt have contrast but wish I did) and bypass all the rest of the useless test I went through, It may find your problem straight away!
Take note, there are 0.9T 1.5T and 3T MRI machines available, try to get a 3T MRI machine, and have the contrast, it will see all!
PS dont panic when you get off the MRI and want to pass out, its normal, try to sit up for a minute before standing, only last for a few minutes, and you will slepp like a baby when you get home, you prob wont have this feeling on a lesser strength machine, but hey! go the whole hog, het the best possible, and find all inside that head of yours!
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He needs to go to qualified medical specialists rather than getting non-professional opinions online as soon as possible.  Even if it is not the eyes themselves, there are optic nerves and an opthomologist may be able to help discover the cause.  Spots getting bigger doesn't sound like a typical description of harmless floaters to me.  But with the dizziness as well, first get a doctor to order the carotid artery doppler study and an MRI of the brain.
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